Pur minerals 4-in-1 liquid 14-hour wear foundation reviews, photo – makeupalley symptoms of heartburn during pregnancy

I loves Pur Minerals pressed powder foundation, so I couldn’t wait to give this a try. The color selection is ok, but could be better. However, it was easy to find my shade. I use Light in both the powder and the liquid, and they are exactly the same color. It’s rare when that works out! This foundation comes with a pump, which I love. No mess, no waste. I apply this using a flat topped kabuki brush. It takes about 1-2 pumps for my entire face. This stuff dries ridiculously fast, so you have to work quickly. It makes blending a bit difficult, and it’s easy to get those annoying dry makeup lines. You have to really work with this stuff to get it to do right. I would say this foundation is medium coverage at best. Building it up is hard because of the drying factor. However I brush some of my powder Pur Minerals over the top and I get just the right amount of coverage to look flawless but not cakey.

I love the finish that the two together gives me. I wouldn’t say this is 14 – hour wear, but is a strong 7 or 8 hours for sure. It does start to get patchy around my oily areas, at the 6th hour. But overall the wear is pretty good. I like the way this feels on my skin. It dries quickly, but yet doesn’t dry my face out if that makes any sense. It feels weightless almost. Sometimes I forget I have it on. It doesn’t clog my pores or give me acne either. Plus there’s SPF so that’s a nice bonus. Overall, this is a good foundation. You have to work with it a little, but once you apply it the finish is so nice. Plus it’s not hard on your skin (at least in my case) which is always a plus. It’s not my favorite, but I would repurchase this again.

This is the foundation that I’ve been using for the past year. I used to used the Pur Minerals pressed powder but I wanted something that had longer wear time and better coverage. I figured this would be a good foundation for me since it’s the only liquid I’ve found that’s supposed to be good for your skin. I found that the coverage is pretty nice, although it is a little difficult to blend. Sometimes I have to keep reworking the same spot to get it to look natural and not cakey or streaky. However, once it’s on it feels very lightweight and looks fantastic. I use my Pur Minerals pressed powder as a finishing powder to get rid of the shine. The result is beautiful airbrushed looking skin. Unfortunately after a few hours my skin starts to get shiny and it looks like the makeup rubs off around my nose and eyes. For a 14-hour-wear foundation, it doesn’t last very long. However I just slap some more pressed powder over my face and that tends to doctor it up well. I’ve noticed that I tend to get pimples from this foundation, which is quite troubling since it’s supposed to be good for your skin. But it doesn’t break me out horribly like every other drugstore and prestige liquid foundation I’ve tried. I’m still on the hunt for my HG foundation, but for now the coverage and airbrushed look that this one provides will suit me well.

I tested this in a store and was very impressed with the colour match (for my pale, neutral skin with very slight yellow/olive undertones) so I picked up a sample and took it home to apply over my full face. As usual I read some of the reviews here before trying it, so I knew what to expect, and it was as most people have said: this foundation is extremely difficult to blend. I religiously exfoliate, tone, moisturise, and prime before applying liquid foundation with a Beauty Blender sponge, and my skin is on the oily side – yet somehow this foundation managed to make my skin look dry, uneven, and pasty instead of glowing and healthy. Ironically, as cakey as this foundation is, the coverage is minimal – sheer to medium at best and I didn’t find it to be buildable at all. And the worst part is, I’m in the middle of a mild breakout at the moment, and I think using this foundation may have just tipped me over the line into bad breakout territory. I would have been disappointed if I had spent a small amount on a bottle of this foundation, so had I actually spent full price on this, I would be beside myself at this point.

I finally found ‘the one’! This foundation goes on beautifuly (I apply it with my Real Techniques Complexion Sponge). I have combo skin and this doesn’t cling to dry patches or fade from oiliness and it doesn’t cause breakouts (my skin is prone to breakouts, particularly from silicones and since this has a built in primer it made me nervous, but no problems). I am in the shade Light and it’s perfect for me. I have light skin with more pinky undertones, and I tend to wear the 2nd lightest shades and in most foundations I’m Ivory. This claims to have a built in primer and will last 14 hrs. Well I have worn it longer then 14 hrs and it looks just as flawless taking it off as when I first put it on. It doesnt slide off my nose and chin like every other foundation have. Since it’s very hot where I live to do touch up once with a powder once throughout the day but it never looks really greasy and I probably won’t have to powder in cooler months. It’s not matte or dewy, it’s a good balance. It’s a solid medium coverage I’d say. I have sweated in 110 degree heat, exercised, and napped in this foundation and it doesn’t budge. This is the first foundation I’ve worn that has lasted this long on my face and is exactly what I was looking for. It doesn’t look cakey or streaky, it makes my skin look and stay flawless! I can honestly dump all my other foundations now. My old favorite was CoverGirl Advanced Radiance and since I went cruelty free I was looking for a repacement and this blew that one out of the water! The covergirl looked good at first but didn’t last on me and this one is 100 x better. It was pricey imo and honestly the most I ever paid for one makeup item but it’s so worth it as I never have to try another foundation again! Which is good cause I was trying a lot of them and always disappointed. This exceded my expectations and I highly recommend it!

I tried really hard to work with this, but it seems to go out of its way to be difficult. First of all, I’m about NW15/MUFE118, and the color Light is just a teeny bit too dark. I could deal with that, except it’s very peachy-pink. The formula reminds me of the original Colorstay, where you have to blend quickly and work on one small part of your face at a time. And you must BLEND, my friends. I have to blend this much more than any other foundation I’ve ever used. It desperately wants to stay streaky, and that’s when I apply it with my fingers or the Real Techniques blender sponge. Pray, tell me: how in the world does one get brush strokes from skin or sponge? WTH? The coverage is not much, I’d even go so far as to say sheer. And yes, you can build it, but be prepared to work. Applying foundation usually takes me two minutes, but this one takes at least 20 minutes to 1) Get a decent amount of coverage, while 2) not streaking or pooling in my pores. The only way I could get this to not look cakey or streaky AND provide a decent amount of coverage is with the blending sponge and a primer (Hourglass Veil, FYI). Does it last? Yes, I have to say it stays pretty steady for six to 8 hours on my oily skin even in humidity. the other thing I like is that it has more of a satin rather than matte finish. But I can take Rimmel Lasting Finish, slap it on in ten seconds and get better coverage, finish, and texture than this. No foundation is worth this amount of trouble.