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It`s normal to worry when you don`t know what to expect. I also fractured my hip in October of last year and my recovery is slow, but it`s coming. Sometimes healing takes longer in some than others. 3 months isn`t very long. My surgeon says to `be patient`, that it takes a long time to totally heal.

My surgeon says that the screws are easy to remove. I have read on another sight where people were still in pain a year later and had the screws removed and suddenly are pain free… that`s after ensuring that the break was totally healed. I`m pretty sure that my 3 screws will have to come out because I can feel the rubbing and some cracking or grinding at times.

I over did the activity in the beginning because neither the hospital or surgeon told me what to do or not to do, except for no weight bearing (didn`t tell me for how long to not weight bear, but I figured it was till my first appointment with the surgeon).

So go easy on yourself in the beginning and use pain as your guide. I found it did help to do most of the exercises the PT gave me.

I displaced and fractured the neck of my left femur on April 12, 2015 – literally at the finish line of the Paris Marathon! I had a stress fracture that was undiagnosed (sports medicine chiropractor said the pain I was experiencing during my training was inflammation of the hip bursa). Three weeks prior to the race I stopped running and did only non-weight bearing exercise including pool running. I actually felt great the day of the race, and was shocked to find myself on the ground only a few yards from the finish line. One minute I was running, the next I was on the ground, not able to even walk. Thankfully, the Red Cross medics were quick to come to my aid with a wheelchair, and even helped me cross the finish line.

Fast forward a few hours… I was taken to a Paris Hospital where I got x-rays and an MRI and was told I had a fractured the neck of my left femur. I was 38 at the time of the injury, an avid healthy runner, and was completely shocked – not to mentioned completely unfamiliar with this type of injury. I had surgery the next day, and now have 2 pins and 1 plate in my femur. The physical therapist at the hospital had me out of bed and walking with crutches the very next day. I could barely make it across the hall without getting nauseous, which was totally frustrating considering I ran 26 miles 2 days prior. I stayed in the Paris Hospital for 5 days, and then spent another week in Paris until I was strong enough to fly home to Arizona.

Unlike other stories on this site, my surgeon in Paris had me walking with crutches (albeit limited weight bearing) immediately after my surgery. I continued to use 2 crutches for about 3 months following my surgery. I am now down to 1 crutch, which is a huge improvement and has definitely improved my quality of life. Nice to finally have at least 1 hand free!! I would say I’m at about 75% weight bearing now.

However, 3 months following my surgery my surgeon here in AZ still wasn’t seeing enough significant bone growth around the fracture and ordered a bone growth stimulator to help kick-start the process. I was instructed to wear the device, which has 2 electrodes to stimulate blood flow and bone growth, 24-7. So needless to say, this device is my new fashion accessory! Like others on this site, my surgeon does not have me going to a physical therapist yet, even though I get unlimited sessions through my insurance. This is a huge area of frustration for me, since I was previously working out 5 days a week.

So, I’m interested in knowing what sort of activities I should or could be doing to help aid in the healing process, help me from going completely STIR CRAZY, all without hindering the healing process. Since I’m in jeopardy of a non-union binding and necrosis of the head of the femur, I’m nervous about what I should or should not be doing. Like others, I’m constantly second guessing myself.

I have a pool, so this past week I start using it for some minimal activities (leg lifts, some swimming with only upper body). I have an swim belt/aqua jogger. At about 15 weeks after surgery, can I using the swim belt? I have some muscle aches/pains and stiffness in the thigh and quad area, most notably at night when trying to fall asleep and in the morning. I do not have any pain at the incision point or hip.

It’s been very helpful and even therapeutic to read everyone’s experiences and stories on this site. I definitely have my good days and bad, and have to work hard to keep a positive attitude. I am working PT from home, and like others, my employer keeps asking when I’ll return to work. Hoping to go back FT in a few weeks. My surgeon has alluded to bone graft surgery as the next step if the stimulator doesn’t work. Honestly, the idea of going through and recovering from another surgery is the last thing I want to do. Is it normal to do a bone graft at only 4 months post surgery. Seems like this might be premature, and would prefer to wait until at least 6 months to make this determination.

Sambones – couple things that helped my recovery at home was a shower chair for bathing and a bath rail/handle. I also created a little corner in my living room that had things I frequently needed, TV remotes, lotion, phone, pens, tissues, etc. So they were easily within reach. Good luck!