Sailing in montenegro – the 7 best spots what is staphylococcus epidermidis

There are over 290 km (180 miles, 156 NM) of unspoilt coastline, and around 70 km of sandy beaches. Montenegro also offers great weather condition for sailing; more than 250 days under the sun a year and typical Mediterranean wind conditions.

Though I will present a few “mandatory” stopovers for sailing cruisers, there are also a lot of great spots to visit inland, such as the Tara Canyon in Durmitor Mountains, that is said to be the only possible rival from Colorado’s Grand Canyon (although much greener).

I won’t mention any overnight anchorage, since it’s difficult to find good anchorages in coves, especially in the Gulf of Kotor, because of the steep mountains (with air much colder than the Mediterranean sea breeze) that create strong winds falling off the mountains. The Katabatic, or Bora (local name of that wind) can blow strongly and make moorings impossible to hold.

This being said, there are terrific anchorages and coves in Montenegro, at least for daytime, and probably some that offer safe and comfortable moorings.

Herceg Novi is located 4 Nautical Miles North from the entrance of the Gulf of Kotor ( Boka Kotorska). This city, built in the 14 th century, has a rich history and have been ruled by the King of Bosnia, Turks, Venetians, French, Austrians and Russian. The town suffered widely from the 1979 earthquake but many historic buildings remain and now benefit from the World Heritage Listing. The citadel, at the top of the city has been well restored and offers a great walk. You can easily spend one or two days in Herceg Novi. Herceg Stjepan square in Herceg Novi – Montenegro

The old city is full of small squares related to each other by narrow streets and stairs. The area is very dense in vegetation (Mediterranean and tropical) that create great sceneries and smells. Herceg Novi is like a medieval botanical garden on the Mediterranean coast.

The amazing Bay of Kotor, at the bottom of the Gulf of Kotor ( Boka Kotorska) is among the 10 most beautiful bays in the world. The very well preserved medieval city of Kotor, listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, is surrounded by fascinating mountains that rise well above 1.000m high.

The harbour of Kotor is a single long quay where visiting yachts can berth. The view on the city and the mountains in the back is spectacular from the harbour. Both History and the wild Balkan Mountains are watching you ! The harbour of Kotor and the old town

There is a lot to see in the old city and a lot to learn about the European History as Kotor played an important role in numerous empires and therefore has a rich and diversified heritage. The splendid city wall, narrow streets, tiny squares and the Mediterranean mood make Kotor one of the most memorable stopovers in the Adriatic sea. Saint Triphon Cathedral in Kotor

Once you’ll cross all three basins of the gulf, separated by relatively small natural corridors, you will find the city of “ Kotor”, definitively one of the main attractions of Montenegro. The city wall that surrounds Kotor is 4,5 km long and is in a real good shape.

The old town is full of churches and cathedrals to visit, such as the Saint Triphon Cathedral ( Sveti Trifun), a nice piece of Romanesque architecture. The Maritime Museum is also very attractive, you’ll see great pieces (ancient maps, weapons, etc.) of history and learn fascinating stories about Petar Zelalìc, a famous member of the Maltese Knights that made the glory of Boka Kotorska. If you bring kids, they might even like this visit.

There are 2 tiny islands in front of Perast, at the other end (NW) of the Bay of Kotor worth visiting. Gospa od Skrpjela is an artificial island hosting a church. Sveti Djordje also has it’s church . If you ask to the Kotor harbourmaster for instruction to go there sailing and berthing for the afternoon. Gospa od Skrpjela – One of the twin Islands off Perast View on the Islands off Perast – Gospa od Skrpjela and Sveti Djordje

If you are in Kotor during August, you might also assist to the Boka’s Night (Bokeska Noc). It’s a city party with music in the streets and squares, and a boat defile in which local boats and barges are decorated and make a defile in the harbour. The night ends with fireworks. It’s a good time to be in the city. View from the excellent restaurant “GALION” in Kotor, ©Hotel Vardar

Porto Montenegro is still in a phase of development: there are now 250 secure berths ranging from 12 to 150 metres, with a further 185 in planning. It also features 130 luxury residences, over 20 retail outlets, a yacht club, fine restaurants, lively bars and a wide range of sports and entertainment amenities. Porto Montenegro also provides a 24/7 Yacht Assist experts, who help with everything from supplying your favourite champagne to solving technical problems.

Montenegro has the most yacht-friendly legislation in Europe. Advantages include duty-free fuel and reduced VAT on marine services. Porto Montenegro is also an official Port of Entry, with a customs and immigration office located directly in the marina.

Once in Porto Montenegro, you can also enjoy the Purobeach Porto Montenegro – a chic beach club launched last summer by one of European’s hippest beach club operators. Suspended above the Bay of Kotor, with views of the surrounding mountains and the marina of Porto Montenegro, the 64-meter pool appears to be an extension of the bay. Purobeach features sunbeds, cabanas, a boutique, as well as a lounge area with two bars and a restaurant. DJs spin beats from sunrise until night, and visitors can enjoy yoga classes and sea-side spa treatments. Guests arriving by private boat are able to anchor directly next to Purobeach and leave their dinghy at the private pier.

Budva is located 25 Nautical Miles SE of the exit of the Gulf of Kotor, it’s a very pleasant sailing leg. The landscapes in this Part of the Montenegrin coast are quite different from those in the gulf of Kotor. Mountains leave room for long fine sand beaches and the water is clearer and clearer. View on Budva, one of Montenegro’s jewels Narrow street in the old Budva – The Montenegrin Saint Tropez

Budva is really fantastic, it’s kind of a Montenegrin Saint-Tropez. It’s a beautiful and charming old walled city lying in a natural Mediterranean harbour and a lot of fortunate tourists coming during the summer. You’ll spend a great time walking through Budva’s narrow streets and enjoying the Montenegrin version of “ La Dolce Vita“

It’s hard to find a better end for an article about the greatest sailing spots in Montenegro than Sveti Stefan. It’s basically a postcard decor, a huge Luxury hotel village on a dream peninsula with fine sand beach on each side of the coast. The whole medieval picturesque village was transformed in the 1950’, during the communist area into a luxury resort…). Despite this strange destiny, the village remains a terrific spot. The best here is to let pictures do the talk. Sveti Stefan Peninsula in Montenegro is among the very best sailing spots in the Mediterranean Sea …

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