Sc johnson deepens job cuts local news infection after tooth extraction

Some of you are commenting with knowledge and some with anger…..I can tell you all from personal experience that SCJ was forced into this by YOUR EPA. That’s right…YOUR U.S. Gov’t. is selling out U.S. companies so they move production overseas. The EPA has banned some raw materials for import into this country…..the finished goods are legal because of the dilution or lower gradient of certain chemicals…but the challenge is getting the raws into our U.S. shipping docks and into the mainstream of production. SCJ and other chemical companies are chocking on the EPA. It’s almost like the Ralph Nader scare of the 70’s with the Pinto , Corvair and Vega. Don’t bash SCJ…this is AGAIN another manipulation of your U.S. government and the tree huggers to undermine the economy of the country that I spent 16 months in Viet Nam to protect and defend.

Don’t get me wrong…this is a sad state of affairs for the poor suckers who will lose their jobs, but don’t blame it on the Johnson Family, if they pulled out of Racine altogether it would bring this stinky, festering eyesore to it’s economic knees. That’s all I have to say about that!

HCL is an interesting Company – they espouse Employees First, Customers Second – however it does NOT mean what Americans would think it means – and it most certainly would NOT be anything Wisconsin Government Employees would embrace! IN fact- they would REVOLT from it!

EFCS is not about making employees happy or comfortable. I don’t even really care if employees are happy. I don’t think that employee “satisfaction” is something a company should strive for. Satisfaction is a passive state, isn’t it? Satisfaction doesn’t produce change or improvement or innovation or much of anything.

The Bizzare video from HCL, demonstrating The Employees First Effect – is a glorification of voluntary slavery to the Corporation – perhaps, OR service to others – but WHO is being served and at what cost must first be defined. Indians find the video very inspirational.

It is definitely from an Indian perspective that would be foreign to most Americans. India has a huge talent pool of highly educated people who will work for very little and are easily thrown away. Such is the nature of an advanced Industrial Civilization.

In a post peak (straight crude) oil world the Growth Paradigm is over. SCJ must know the truth – at least at the top. Per capita use of energy in the US is falling – and growth is not sustainable worldwide because of falling supplies of crude and increasing costs of extraction – also the newer forms of crude – LTO, Tar Sands, Heavy oil, and Deep Water all have terribly low EROI, and the hydro-carbon mix is not optimal.

In October Semrau said restructuring is designed to better position SCJ against the other four giants in the consumer products industry: Procter Gamble, Unilever, Clorox and Reckitt Benckiser…. So, making SCJ even more profitable means the ability to set aside more cash for future acquisitions,

Interesting. Not ONE WORD concerning bike paths, marsupial bridges, fancy Downtown sidewalks, DRC, RCEDC, Public Skools, round abouts, Rootworks, Osterman Granite and Tile, Jim Ladwig’s empty Marina, Downtown Bars, OR all the other NONSENSE Dickert and Company talk about. NOT ONE WORD. Got that Carpetbagging Cory Mason?