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I have a cysts on the left side of my back near my armpit. It didn’t bother me at all, it didn’t hurt to squeeze on it. It has been there 6 years since I was in highschool, i’m 24 now. I don’t have any kind of insurance since I came to the state. It is about 1.5 inches in diameter with black stuff inside. I recently have a remove by a volunteer medical doctor near where I live (california). He is a doctor in both western and eastern medicine. He have been known to perform accupuncture as a form of anesthesia for weak patients in the hospital.

Anyway, he used moxibution to burn the top of the cysts until it burnt literally (turned black just the top). A week later, he burn it again and performed the removal process. It was very uncomfortable when the cysts was being burn, after that it was a piece of cake.

He used scissor to cut the burnt top of the cyst which turn so black that I didn’t even feel a thing as he cut the cyst open. He cut a small opening about 1cm of the cyst and used finger to squeeze the black semi-solid stuff out which later he showed to me. I was amazed because it only took about 10 minutes and the best thing is it didn’t hurt at all except the burning sensation of the moxibution. However, there are some semi-solid stuff left at the base of the cysts that he couldn’t force it out. He told me to go home and squeeze it within 3 days and precribes my some chinese medicine (herbs and tree barks) which I have to boil them and condense it down from 4 bowls of water to 1 bowl of it.

One day later, I started messing around the opened cysts. I squeeze it harder and harder each time to force out the stuff inside. Finally, everything came out and I can see the part of the sac. I even stick a q-tip in the hole to pick up any black stuff that didn’t came out (he guaranteed that no infection if I mess w/ it). It didn’t hurt at all although skins are missing and I could see yellow and white fat tissue. I used twetzer or forcep (hydrogen peroxide to sterilize) to pull out the sac. Litterally pulling out the sac, but it stuck underneath the skin halfway, I could only pull out half of it but now there is pain. I asked my grandma to pull it out but I stopped her when it hurts so bad.

I could only pull half of the sac out because it broke. I didn’t want to give up. I used my thumb and index finger to physically pull it out with my strength and it wouldn’t come out because the opening of the cysts was very small compare to the circumference of the sac. Finally I gave up just because it won’t come it not because it hurts. At least I got half of it out of the cysts. I did some research on the net, that said if the sac is not removed, the cyst will come back? Is this true? What if only half of it came out? And that doctor didn’t even mention about the sac or anything else. So far I spent hundered eight on the material fees (moxibution) and seventy dollars weeks for chinese medication. Thanks

Well I did some research and found that it was most likely a Sebaceous cyst. I knew that in order to remove it, you must cut the skin in one slice. The cut should also be the size of the cyst. Well my girlfriend did the cutting… thanks hun! … Once cut I could immediately see the cyst. I squeezed around the cyst forcing it upward, trying to keep it from popping. I knew that there is a 99% chance of it not growing back if you can get it out without it rupturing in my head. The pop in the video is the cyst itself coming out. I actually reached in the sink for it and pulled it out. The cyst was a hard sac of a milky substance. It was a lot like a half cooked corn kernel… if that makes sense.

Now I know what you”re all thinking You should have gone to a doctor Well I don”t have medical insurance, and i”m 90% sure the only thing they would have done differently is give me a local anesthetic, and given my a stitch. I didn”t believe I needed either. It wasnt very painful, and the bleeding stopped within minutes.

Hi guys, great news! I’ve removed my sebaceous cyst (the one on my right cheek, if you haven’t read my previous post), and just a month after.. It’s looking happy and good, save for a slight discoloration that can easily pass off as a pimple scar. I was referred to a plastic

Surgeon, and what he did was to first give me a jab to anesthetize the area. That stung just a teeny bit, but it was also the only discomfort I suffered from for the entire procedure! It wasn’t that bad afterall, really. He then burnt the smallest hole he could so he’d remove the contents of the Cyst using a curretting method, I think. Wasn’t too sure cuz it didny hurt one bit, not even after the anesthesia wore off. The reason why he decided on ‘burning’ (am sorry, I’ve absolutely no clue what it’s called in medical terms so pardon the layman’s term) was because, it’d mean minimal scarring. No cutting, no stitches needed. No stitches needed, no visible scarring as for my case, the end result was a little hole that grew smaller and smaller over time, healing by itself. All he gave me was a cream to apply over it twice a day, to prevent infections till the wound wasn’t so raw anymore. The redness took me about 2-3 days to subside, and so far, it’s healed and I’m just waiting the discoloration to fade away with time. Hope this helped!

I had one on my right shoulder blade for about 10 years, it was very small for most of that time (maybe the size of a marble) and didn’t give me any problems, so once a doctor identified it as a cyst (ruling out anything more serious) I didn’t really give it any thought. About a year ago, it got bigger and firmer, about the size of a golf ball. It wasn’t painful in and of itself, but it caused me discomfort when lying down and by rubbing on the inside of my shirt. I don’t currently have health insurance, so about a week ago I decided to drain it myself (let me be clear right now – I do NOT recommend anyone do this!)

I numbed the area with an ice pack and made a small incision (maybe 1/4 long) with a hobby knife. The cut was at top of the cyst, which is probably not ideal, but having to reach around to it with my other hand it was the best I could do. Initially nothing came out, so I put a hot washcloth on the area and squeezed very hard, eventually I did start getting a very thick, waxy substance out. It didn’t have any noticeable smell (which I thought was odd, everything I’ve read said the smell is disgusting) and it took me about an hour to get out everything I could because the incision was so small (I didn’t want to make it bigger, having no way to suture it).

The area became mildly infected for a couple days after this – got very red, warm, and produced a much thinner puslike discharge from my incision. I kept draining it and bandaging with gauze and Bactine, the infection seems to have subsided now. Curiously, the skin over the lower part of the cyst (away from the incision) blistered up and is now scabbed over – is this an expected result? Could this be because of the infection, or does it indicate a more serious problem? I actually took pretty good care to be as clean as possible while doing this (sterilized the skin and knife with alcohol, wore latex gloves, kept the hole clean and bandaged, etc.) and the infection does seem to be gone now (the wound is no longer draining, inflamed, or warm) – is this something I should be worried about?