Should the colorado rockies trade for jose abreu what causes canker sores in your mouth

Kiz: After a quarter century of major-league baseball in Colorado, here’s a thought that has never crossed my mind. Until now. Are the Rockies the worst-hitting team in the National League? With a homer-or-strikeout approach at the plate that’s tough to watch, they are last in batting average (.224) and their pinch-hitters have been atrocious. Yes, baseball is a game of patience. But is it too early for general manager Jeff Bridich to start shopping for a bat?

Saunders: Kiz, for the record, the Rockies’ batting average for April was their worst for any full month in their history. I never saw that coming. I’ve applauded Bridich’s offseason moves to improve the bullpen, but I said at the time that the Rockies needed to add another bat if they wanted to be a true contender. The players keep telling me it’s “not time to panic,” and they insist that a powerful offense will emerge in the next series … or the one after that.

But to answer your question, no, it’s not too early to explore something. This team needs help.

Kiz: Trade chatter has linked Jose Abreu, the 31-year-old slugger for the Chicago White Sox, to Colorado in the past. When the Rockies went searching for a first baseman during the winter, Abreu seemed to be a worthy trade target. He has hit at least 25 home runs and driven in at least 100 runs in each of the past four seasons. At $13 million, his salary is not outrageous. The White Sox are in rebuilding mode. Explore a trade for Abreu now? My question: Why wasn’t this deal done months ago?

Saunders: There were rumors linking the Rockies to Abreu, but I never found anything concrete to build off of those whispers. The problem with trades is this: fans often holler “trade for so and so, right now.” But as Bridich loves to remind me, “it takes two to tango.” And I didn’t even know the GM could dance — except around questions. Plus, the White Sox are hunting for young pitching talent and young infield talent and the Rox haven’t been willing to part with those prospects. Related Articles

Kiz: Faithful readers might disagree, but there is a practical side to my brain (although it is sometimes difficult for me to locate). I understand trades are rarely made on May 1. But my bigger fear is the five-year, $70 million deal the Rockies gave to Ian Desmond prior to last season has painted the team into a corner. That move felt like a mistake before the ink was dry on Desmond’s contract. And now there’s nowhere to hide Desmond in a batting order which sorely lacks punch.

Saunders: Kiz, how about trading Desmond to the Reds, straight up, for Joey Votto? Oh, wait, that deal might not fly in Cincy. Rockies manager Bud Black is trying Desmond everywhere in the order, even batting him at leadoff Monday night, and Desmond went 0-for-5, dropping his average to .178 with a .229 on-base percentage. The concerning thing regarding Desmond is that there are fundamental flaws in his swing right now. People I’ve talked to say that he’s late with almost every swing. That’s not a good sign for a $70 million player.