Spacex launches for two customers, misses a fairing recovery tooth extraction complications

The planned GPS III launch has slipped due to ongoing SpaceX qualification testing and final engineering reviews by both SpaceX and the Air Force of Falcon 9 design changes, the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center said in a statement to Bloomberg News.

A total of 75 satellites for Iridium are being sent to orbit as part of the upgrade, taking place over eight launches with SpaceX. (That mission was lost, but SpaceX was not to blame for the mishap.) Although the rocket stuck a flawless landing on its last mission, SpaceX does not plan to attempt a landing for this flight.

SpaceX is getting a lot of mileage out of its used rockets. Unlike most Earth-observation satellites, GRACE-FO won’t use imagers [to] collect light reflected from the surface or the atmosphere, said David Jarrett, GRACE-FO program executive, said at a news conference Monday (May 21).

Trump suggests Kim summit could still take place as scheduled The US announcement came not long after Mr Kim appeared to make good on his promise to demolish his country’s nuclear test site. But with hard-liners like Bolton and Pence by the US president’s side, the answer may not be what Kim Jong Un is hoping for.

Did You Spend $79 on iPhone Battery? You Might Get $50 Refund In December past year , Apple admitted that it had deliberately slowed down some older iPhones with worn out batteries. However, it does bring these iPhone owners in line with the $29 replacements now being offered throughout 2018.

Sledgehammer road rage attack A surveillance video from a Port Richmond parking lot has now gone viral for the disturbing events depicted within. An apparent road rage incident in Philadelphia ends in a driver taking a sledgehammer to an SUV and its passenger.

Watch the live launch of GRACE-FO right here! It is a successor to the original GRACE mission, also a U.S. The pair measure Earth’s gravity field by detecting minute changes (down to a micron level) in the distance between the spacecraft caused by anomalies in gravity.

Because Earth isn’t a perfectly uniform sphere, areas of space directly above land masses exert more pull than open water. This is the science that we will be continuing with GRACE Follow On. The satellites will be constantly measuring the distance between them by sending microwave signals back and forth. That promises at least an order of magnitude accuracy improvement, said Frank Flechtner, GRACE-FO project manager at GFZ.

You can’t manage it well until you can measure it. GRACE-FO provides a unique way to measure water in many of its phases, allowing us to manage water resources more effectively. The second stage rocket will then shut down and coast until a little under an hour after liftoff, when the engine will be restarted for a quick burn prior to the five NEXT communications satellites being ejected, as Iridium continues upgrading its constellation.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said she was in constant touch with Indian authorities in Canada regarding the blast. At least 15 people were injured after an explosion at an Indian restaurant in the Canadian city of Mississauga on Thursday.

Weak El Nino conditions – water warming on the surface of the ocean along the equator – could develop during the hurricane season. There is a 75 per cent chance that the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season will be near-or above-normal, the agency said.

In a statement , Apple said it was pleased that the members of the jury agree that Samsung should pay for copying our products . Samsung previously paid Apple $ 399 million to compensate Apple for infringement of some of the patents at issue in the case.

The company doesn’t take a cut out of these sales and you could be doing such things on any other remote desktop client as well. So that developers can not sidestep these fees, Apple demands that all purchases must be made through the App Store.

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