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Two years ago, I suddenly experienced pain in the middle of my chest, felt like heart attack. Then, I was diagnosed by gastro-endoscope with inflammation in my esophagus and stomach. Doctor also found H.pylori in the biopsy. Then I was undergone two (not only 1) consecutive courses of antibiotics (2 antibiotics + protonix) to treat H.pylori. Each course of antibiotics lasted 10 days. The pain symptom still was not reduced. I continued having pain and burning sensation in the upper stomach and in my chest. The symptom seems to reduce a little bit after eating or taking maalox, but they came back quickly. For several months, I took 40mg protonix daily + maalox and ate cracker every 2 hours; however, no thing seems to help. Eight months later, my symptom seems to be manageable. I did not have to eat small meals or maalox so often.

About a year after all of this started and I was still on protonix, I started to notice dry mouth and throat. I thought it was due to protonix, so I quit taking protonix and try to manage my stomach pain with maalox and cracker. I also noticed some episode (come and gone) of dry vagina and anus plus white chalky discharge from vagina and around anus. Then my eyes suddenly dry. And ever since I’ve had to have tear-ducts plugs in both eyes, put tear drops every hour and using Restasis (twice a day).

Now, I am consistently dry in my vagina, anus, eyes and mouth and stomach pain. My stool is also very dry, probably because my colon was dry. Particularly, my vagina and anus are dry and pain. I visit my OBGYN very often. Sometime she found yeast in the swab. I was on Fluconazole (1 tablet every week for 4 weeks) + Terconazole cream. The dry and pain in my vagina and anus started to disappear 1 month after I finished the last dose of Fluconazole. Nothing could describe my relief and happiness. But 1 month later, the dry vagina and anus came back. Now I am on Fluconazole again. I took one table of Fluconazole on Thursday, but today is Sunday and the dry symptom are still not reduced.

The vagina swabs do not always show yeast, even occasionally my doctor found yeast on the swab (when she observed the sample under microscope immediately during examination) and at the same time she also sent some sample to the lab. The lab result came back no yeast.

My dry vagina and anus seems to reduce with long period treatment of Fluconazole, but they come back about 1 month after finishing the Fluconazole. Doctor is not sure that I have yeast, even though Fluconazole and Terconazole cream seem to help. I can’t be on Fluconazole for ever. My mouth and eyes are still dry. My dry mouth problem also seems to reduce when the vagina dryness reduced. But I am not sure they are related. I don’t have thrust in mouth or throat.

In summary, I am suffered from stomach pain/burning and dry problem (dry eyes, dry mouth, dry + pain in vagina and anus). I am also experience numbness in my hands and legs when I am asleep. My doctor also checked for Sjogren syndrome twice, but no thing abnormal was found in the lab tests.