Student charged after attack at carlisle high school crime and courts how to cure heartburn naturally

There is a vast difference between laughing and recording, witnessing and doing nothing and being a coward and being in shock. It is one thing to have been there and another to state questionable remarks from the comfort of hindsight. Our daughter witnessed this incident. She also recently witnessed a thief shove the elderly greeter at Walmart and bolt with over $500-worth of merchandise, leaving the door off its track and a shaken senior in his wake. She witnessed her father ask the lady if she was okay and if the young man had stolen that cartful of stuff. As soon as it was confirmed, she witness her father take off after the man–recovering the cart at risk of his own safety on the principle that stealing is wrong and something should be done about it. All of this took place in about the same time it took for her to witness this incident at the school–if not longer–and both incidents ended the same way – with adults intervening.

Our daughter is 14. She has been reared (not raised, by the way, cattle are raised, children are reared) with good morals, ethics, values and principles—ones we live by and don’t just preach. She was shocked and scared in both situations–there was a very real fear of personal safety (some adults never overcome that fear). She is already feeling the edifying shame of having done nothing in the time it took to know what was happening and it all ending before she could do anything (she wasn’t close enough)-but she now attests to a growing resolve that she won’t freeze again (only time and circumstance will tell). The children who witnessed this who have been reared morally and ethically do not need being shamed and bullied added to this trauma by ridiculous blanket statements being made that are unwarranted and useless–I have not failed as a parent because my daughter did nothing; I’m not even finished being a parent yet, lol. I’m an adult, yet it holds true that I don’t even know what I would do in ANY situation until I’m confronted with it. So, all the high horses need to be stalled and a little more understanding and grace needs to be applied to discern that: 1) you weren’t there so you can’t say anything definitively about how my child has been reared based on this very short, incomplete video; 2) you don’t know how you would have behaved if you were there; and 3) nasty, hateful, bullying remarks are never appreciated or useful/helpful. Surely you know better. I agree this was egregious and hope nothing like it ever happens again; but, when it does, I hope someone (our daughter?) will be prompted to intervene immediately and do the right thing regardless of the consequences–like her father. The comments regarding the March 14 National Event were made in ignorance—the school set aside two auditoriums (inside the school) to receive students safely and informatively for this occasion. Our daughter attended school and class per usual today as we have already discussed better ways to support school safety that do not include conflicting priorities and principles.