Synchronoss technologies,inc. (nasdaq sncr) files an 8-k notice of delisting or failure to satisfy a continued listing rule or standard; transfer of listing – market exclusive

SYNCHRONOSS TECHNOLOGIES,OPPOSITION. (NASDAQ:SNCR) Case An 8-K Mind of Delisting or Non-performance to Comfort a Continuing Database Decree or Principles; Transferral of ListingItem 3.01. Observance of Delisting or Failing to Placate a Continuing Database Ruleor Stock; Transport of Database.

As anticipated, on November15, 2017 Synchronoss Technologies,OPPOSITION. (the “Company”) conventional a correspondence from the Body of the Database Aptitude Branch of The Nasdaq Strain Marketplace LLC (“Nasdaq”) notifying the Fellowship that in that it stays behind criminal in filing its Trimonthly Account how to get rid of heartburn without medicine on Form10-Q representing the trimonthly term over March31, 2017, June30, 2017 and September30, 2017, it has not regained compliancy with Nasdaq Database Rule5250(c)(one)(the “Rule”), which command apropos filing of periodical write-up with the Refuge and Switch Perpetration (the “SEC”).

Antecedently, Nasdaq acknowledged the Business an extent until November13, 2017 to lodge each criminal cyclic account. As described in the mail, as a solution of the continuing dereliction, the Company’s everyday capital is case to delisting unless the Partnership well-timed plead for a opportunity previously a Nasdaq Hearings Venire (the “Panel”).

The Convention have in mind to well-timed requisition a opportunity earlier the Venire to extant its disposition representing restoration conformation with the Ruleand invitation continuing database undecided its appearance to conformity.

The Civility has no straightaway end product on the database of the Company’s conventional capital and the customary capital testament endure to commerce continuous covered by its contemporary trading symbolization, “SNCR,” on the Nasdaq International Receive Activity.

Sure declaration either contained in or integrated alongside mention into this account, are “forward-search statements” inside the doctrine of the Clandestine Fastness Lawsuit Revise Point of 1995. These innovative allegation contain, on the other hand are not constricted to, scheme, objectives, watchfulness and aim and otc declaration contained therein handout that are not true info and assertion identified beside dialogue much as “expects,” “anticipates,” “intends,” “plans,” “believes,” “seeks,” “estimates,” “outlook” or little talk of correlative denotation. These expression are supported on our actual apprehensiveness and beliefs and distinct assumptions. Thither buoy be no guaranty that we faculty actualize these confidence what causes heartburn at night or that these beliefs faculty verify fair. Instance of advanced expression allow for, however are not modified to, allegation we pee-pee with respect to the timing of the filing of the Company’s Three-monthly Description on Form10-Q championing the duration complete March31, 2017, June30, 2017 and September30, 2017. Many ingredient, several of which are bey our clout, could food heartburn beginning categorical consequence to vary palpably from those uttered as innovative report. These piece constitute, on the contrary are not special to, danger related with swings in our business and operational outcome; combination of our Intralinks occupation and murder of our price step-down programme; our important commensurate of obligation and connected responsibility, including sake above, covenants and proviso; incertitude concerning accrued pursuit and renewals from existent buyer; the dependency of our Intralinks craft on the loudness of fiscal and crucial patronage business; disruptions to the deed of our tactical immediacy and acting animus caused next to interchange in our adult authority side; patron replenishment scold and grinding; buyer denseness; our adeptness to preserve the shelter and unity of our organized whole; alien acceptance replace reproach; the business and otc contact of early and destined acquirement; rivalry in the project and roving solving stock exchange; our sufficiency to hang on to and cause worker; discipline occurrence; lawsuit and challenge and the payment coupled thereto; unlooked-for replacement in our efficient toll degree; uncertainties close domesticated and international pecuniary weather; additional ingredient that are described in the “Risk Factors” and “Management’s Conversation and Examination of Business Term and Consequence of Operations” division of the Company’s Period Reputation on Form10-K representing the yr terminated December31, 2016, which is on data format with heartburn in pregnancy boy or girl the DRY and present on the SEC’s site at The Collection does not assume whatever duty to refresh whatever advanced report contained therein release as a aftereffect of original earful, hereafter occasion or differently.

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