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Just then, the Gen came alive again and I went inside boiling with anger. How dared he play such stupid prank on a fuel he didn’t even buy, if he had turned it off outrightly on the basis of the sound affecting his ears, it would sure have been better than what he did.

I started serving it to him hot as a burning coal. I told him how much I regretted marrying a lazy arse like him and how I sincerely wanted to leave him and breathe some fresh air. I said some many demeaning things to him,his cup was certainly getting filled.

I reminded him how he said we were the reason why he wasn’t hustling that he can’t stand to hustle for a stupid woman like me, I told him to hustle for himself first before seeing reasons not to be successful. I went on and on and on, Zina was sleeping so nothing was distracting me.

He got Soo infuriated that Golden became scared and started making signs for me to shut up.

Then he got up, turned the Generator off and went back to lay on the bed, I was then screaming now you have done what you ever wanted maybe you are a man now. Like a speed of light, he jumped and smashed our big fluorescent bulb. The glasses shattered all the room and my poor Zina was laying on the bed. Alot of the glass fell on him.

I quickly picked my baby up, while Golden went to get a broom and Parker to sweep it off lest it injured someone. Toshiba was bleeding in his hand but we cared less. I knew I had better stopped running my mouth else he would inflict the same injury he had on me.

His sister sighed while packing the glass and he warned her not to even whisper else he would design her face with his bleeding hands. We both kept our lips sealed and laid quietly in bed. Toshiba took his phone and started calling one of his girlfriends.

Golden never believed me when I told her he usually calls his girlfriend right to my face but he showed her that night without me asking. She took to her Whatsapp to chat me on how dumbfounded she was and what the hell was I still doing with him. Thankfully, the network was bad and all they said was Hello! Hello! Baby can you hear me

The next morning, his Majesty woke up and started pulling Golden by her ear, so you will wake up and not greet me abi? If Sapphire does you too you won’t abi? he shouted you think you are now a big girl, you answer your boyfriend’s call in my presence something she never did. I will make this school unschoolable ( ) for you he murdered English. He said he was going to make her go through hell in school. Who says such to a younger sister?

Then he went to the balcony where the dustbin were kept, brought it in and littered the house with dirt’s, including the already swept glass. Then he ordered her to make sure the room was clean before packing her things and leaving his house if you don’t like my government, you fuc.king get out he screamed and went to the balcony.

I was scared and thankful that his quarrels this time wasn’t all about me. Golden hurried with the sweeping and made a sign to me that we would talk later on the phone, while I went to Join Toshiba in the balcony to give him a piece of my mind and hopefully to calm him down. Remember a narcissist loves you more when you are have one foot out of the door, I knew he wasn’t going to yell at me, not after what I told him last night.

As always we reconciled, I choosed to start ignoring him and his women for my sanity sake. I started becoming happy, loving myself and my baby. I started mingling with alot of nairaland guys while avoiding anything that would incur Toshiba’s anger. I became a better person but a narcissist can never let you be better, they can never let you be happy, they are destined kill joy.

Toshiba who loved selling off anything he had, sold his browsing phone and left his Nokia torch phone just to keep being I contact with his female buddies. He started using mine to browse while my sim was on it, he would even go out with it expecting me to frown at it but I didn’t cause I knew better the angle he was coming from.

One-day, he was with my phone and probably on one of his registered dating sites cause he always deleted his browse histories. I got a mail from a nairalander who was my brother, he was from the same state with me and he had interest in Courtney my younger Sister. It was a harmless mail and Toshiba read it but as expected he made mountains out of a mole hill.

He started slapping me and saying all sorts of bad things you can ever imagine, then he dressed up, an avenue to go visiting and left the house. He came back and was surprised I had cooked and eaten without him and that infuriated him more. He was angry I was beginning to love myself more.

In the morning, he took my phone to browse maybe to find more skeletons in my cupboard but they were none. He quickly went to the browser, did his rubbish and deleted it as usual, then he handed me the phone back. I told him if he must use my phone to browse, then he should stop acting fishy, I already knew his dating sites and I have subscribed to all of them, he grew cold.

Then I took my phone to the kitchen to do the dishes, he started calling and demanded I give him my phone again. But you were through that’s why you deleted it I replied him and he told me to bring it still that he could always go back to the page. Then I told him to come get the phone from the kitchen that my hands were dirty and wet but he didn’t come after all, he must have thought Damn my mugu supply is getting some sense and his face grew even more red and waited for me to come out.

He started insulting my parents for bringing up a spoilt fool like me. Then I told him, everything is over, the marriage, the staying in my house and eating my free food, every damn thing he got from me was over. You needed to see his face. Toshiba was boiling hot, who was this new guy that could be sweeping Sapphire off her feets he must have thought to himself.

He ran out of the house, maybe to take the substance he believes calm him down, cannabis of course. He came back with the weed in his hands and initially dropped it at the window then I was like You are lucky you didn’t bring that thing to the room. He got even more angry like he would explode, then he went to the window and brought it in, he said I should do my worst.

You said it’s over abi? It’s over abi he started again with his mind games and manipulative skills but I knew better not to keep mute. I yelled at him to leave my house. He was surprised I could shout that bad, that’s because he had already woken up the demon in me, I believe every woman had a little bit of some.