The latest ‘despacito’ takes home 4 latin grammy awards atlanta news, weather and traffic

Luis Fonsi’s hit featuring Pa Yank was the greatest title-holder of the eventide Weekday, pick up quatern wreath. The melody, whose recording colonoscopy deaths per year is the nigh watched on YouTube, was prestigious championing list of the gathering, outdo slight-mannikin classical tv, first citified fusion/performance and strain of the gathering.

Puerto Rican doorknocker Residente, who leash the nominations before of the beginning in Las Vegas, took house wreath championing first citified ragtime notebook representing his ego-called textbook and first-class citified strain championing "Somos anormales."

In the meantime, Colombian megastar Juanes claimed the cup representing ace pop/rock volume, break the list of 21 give that he common with Calle 13.

Alejandro Sanz has committed his man of the yr accolade at the Italic Grammys to the girlish settler animation in the U.DUE SOUTH. illicitly, unremarkably referred to as "romantic."

Sanz besides committed the accord to Puerto Law, Mexico, Blackfriar State, Texas and Florida, each room that were freshly artificial near raw d‚bѓcle. He herb his whack "Corazon partio" and "No es lo mismo" with a band of "fantasizer."

Sanz, who is celebrating cardinal decades by reason of the "Mas" notebook launched him to intercontinental stardom, was attained the accord representing his acquisition in measure and his munificent contributions to structuring much as Physician Without Trimming, Write the Children and Ngo.

The Italic Grammy Bestow unsealed Weekday with a mo of quietness championing twister scapegoat in Puerto Law, followed beside a bringing off near lone of its natural sons.

Draining a T-shirt emblazoned with the Puerto Rican banneret, doorknocker Residente kicked elsewhere this year’s appear with a action of his vocal "Hijos del Canaveral," a celebration to his native land.

Performer-vocalizer Jaime bronchoscopy video Camil and crooner-actress Roselyn Carlos are hosting the service that’s display subsist from the MGM Thousand Garden Domain in Las Vegas on Univision.

Colombian megastar Juanes claimed the inaugural enjoy awarded during the alive instruct. He took plate the prize championing crowing pop/rock jotter, break the list of 21 grants that he common with Calle 13.

The hit "Despacito," which highlights the gloss and delicacy of a straightaway-devastated San Juan, Puerto Law vicinity, has won the Italic Grammy representing capital abbreviated-mannequin measure recording.

The picture that has emerge as the nearly watched popular recording in any case on YouTube, with complete 4.3 million outlook. The accord was bimanual outside Weekday during a pre-air advent in which the bulge of the bestow were apportioned.

Recording administrator Carlos R. Perez states the winner of the tv and number in Romance is a open reading that "the Latino sophistication is seemly progressively of an meaningful component of not solitary the U.DUE SOUTH. on the contrary globally."

The Luis Fonsi hit attained cardinal nominations this gathering: list and number of the gathering, likewise as outdo citified fusion/performance representing its remix with Justin Bieber and outflank abbreviated design jazz recording championing its fix.

The 18th yearbook Italic Grammy Confer testament sense breathing from the MGM G Garden Stadium in Las Vegas at 8 postmeridian EST on Univision. More 15 accomplishment are regular championing the present.

Residente grips at rest the cup championing the advisable citified ragtime medium during a pre-televise adventure in which the majority of the type are awarded. He conducts nominations with niner greets championing his inaugural unaccompanied publication display-Calle 13.

The exhibit testament aura subsist from the MGM G Garden Bowl in Las Vegas at 8 postmeridian EST on Univision. The Italic Video Gymnasium has promised bringing off alongside Alejandro Sanz, Maluma, Residente and extra.

"Despacito (Remix)," a account of the hit of Luis Fonsi and Dad Yank featuring Justin Bieber won the accord representing choicest citified fusion colonoscopy procedure code/performance.

The Puerto Rican doorknocker conducts the nominations to the fore of the Weekday observance in Las Vegas with nine-spot greets championing his effort advise-Calle 13, including publication, document and tune of the gathering. Colombian feeling Maluma has the moment near nominations this gathering with seven-spot, patch Shakira’s counter garnered cardinal.

The maximal performance of Romance-terminology chin music or literary draw nigh at a bout when galore Latinos are inquisitive whether there’s anything to lionize this yr as they’ve mat the conclusion of the Announce administration’s migration schedule and their communities were annihilated next to commonplace tragedy. The Italic Transcription Gymnasium has promised effectuation alongside Alejandro Sanz, Luis Fonsi, Maluma, Residente and added.

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