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Many have wondered and would like to know the truth about healing and miracle claims from the healing school of Christ Embassy. I’d like say a few things about the genuineness of these miracles which have sparked endless questions. What I’m about to say may sound shocking to you but it is the truth. it is a first hand account of my experience at the healing school.

What you see on loveworld videos/TV, especially miracle testimonies no matter how believable they appear, are simply what Pastor Chris and his TV crew wants you to see. The truth is that a larger number of people including his pastors, partners and even you hardly ever know what goes on behind the camera scenes.

I was at healing school May 2008 session and the discoveries I made blew my mind and shook the very foundation of my faith.

I spent a total of 4 weeks at the healing (it had two sessions and each ran for two weeks) this period of time at the healing school afforded me the opportunity to observe certain unusual happenings which I must reveal.

I have been a member and a consistent financial partner of the ministry since 2004. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had been my role model, mentor, prophet and father. I have followed his teachings and doctrines to the letter so much that you couldn’t talk with me for 10 Min’s without knowing I was his follower.

I had taken someone who was wheelchair bound as a result of spinal cord injury to the Healing school with hope that Pastor Chris would minister to him at the end of the session (at least this is what I was made to believe from several healing school publications) but this was not to be, and the events that followed were shocking and beyond my imagination.

After the first session, there was to be a healing service where the students having received faith to be healed, were put on the healing line to be ministered to by Pastor Chris. This was where my questions started. The reason is that not only did we not make it to the healing line but several other folks with obvious physical disabilities were also not put on the healing line. I made efforts to find out the criteria for the selection that was made; this was what I found out:

I discovered that all wheelchair cases taken to the healing line for ministration were people whose conditions were not such that they couldn’t stand or walk. in other words, the people you see popping out of wheelchairs in those videos can both previously stand and walk. They are carefully selected through a process I will discuss later.

Secondly, to my utter amazement, I also discovered that several other people whom I had seen on different occasions walking around the hall unaided and without any sign of pain or disability during the two weeks session were put on wheelchairs or made to lie on stretchers during this healing service.

After much waiting, the “Man of God” walks in touching every one on the healing line and then proceeds to the wheelchair section; with one touch here and there he instructs them to get up “and they do” wild shouts of excitement reverberated across the auditorium as partners and pastors who have been specially invited to witness the miracles jumped for joy. I felt like sinking through the solid ground, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Once in a while I would utter a word of prayer, I’d say: “Lord please don’t let this be what I think”

I remember a particular man who came for that session; he had been involved in a motor accident which left him with a spinal injury. He had difficulty walking normally because he couldn’t bend both knees while walking (I had seen him walking) he came with a neck guard and two crutches to support himself properly while walking. I observed that two days after coming to the healing school, he started exercising his faith by moving around without the neck guard and crutches, that was how he moved around for two weeks. During the healing service, I was shocked to see the same man with his neck guard and crutches which he hadn’t used for two weeks. Pastor Chris prayed for him and took the neck guard off as though it was a big deal, the congregation applauded and stood to their feet as he went on to take the crutches from the man; he then asked the man to walk. The man obviously walked but not any better than he had walked for two weeks without Pastor Chris praying for him.

After the service, as the partners left the hall, the students and the “healed” were asked to wait behind. I observed that one of the two ladies who got out of the wheelchair half an hour ago quietly sat back in her wheelchair with a pale look on her face, the people who brought her all the way from Benin didn’t seem like they had seen a miracle; this puzzled me more. The borrowed wheelchairs were returned to the real owners as I looked with great surprise.

Finally, if Pastor Chris is trully your role model, father and all those things you called him, I doubt you strongly if he is all these to you. You are definitely one of those who proclaim to be a member of BLW but is actually completing the square.

Your reply to my story is no surprise at all. you have not only responded like a typical CE member but you have failed to react to the main issue. I’m glad you mentioned in your reply that I’m right to some extent, you also did not refute the wheelchair and stretcher scam so I guess you accept that I am right. My intention by the time I’m through with this topic is to reveal the whole truth.

How do you explain the fact that someone well able to stand and walk is placed in a wheelchair or stretcher some of which does not even belong to them; and then the ‘man of God’ is made to look like an anointed faith healer which he is not by getting them to stand on their feet and walk. What has my feelings got to do with this, please tell me.

No matter what the intention might be, the bottom line still remains that millions of people watching these phoney miracles end up thinking that these people were either crippled or bedridden which is completely false. I don’t know if you visited the link I attached to my earlier post; I was with those folks for two weeks and I even spoke with one of the three. some of the reports about them are either completely false or exaggerated.

Speaking about your friends daughter, I do not deny the fact that people may experience changes in their physical conditions during or after visiting the healing school; it is probably the same reasons for which people get ‘healed’ after visiting the shrine of ‘Our lady of Lourdes’ in france. I intend to discuss healings in my next post, I’m sure it will clear up some things here.

Please note the difference in the two wheelchairs in this picture excerpt from the CE Healing School website. The one used during the interview recording is different from the one used during the healing service. Note also that both pictures were taken the same day (same clothes).

Interview video recording is done for every student usually within the first few days of the session, a re-recording is done hours before the healing service (D Day) only for specially selected people (I promised discussing the selection process). These are the ones they hope publish in magazines and web. The re-recording is done to dot the T’s and cross the I’s. During this final recording, the camera crew employ various tactics to get exactly what the ‘man of God’ wants.

The camera crew assisted by a pastor or a senior Healing school staff decided who goes on stretcher or a wheelchair. If no wheelchair was available, they quickly ran to the main hall to get one from any student who wasn’t presently occupying theirs (my friends wheelchair was used for this purpose severally).