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I had one area of my mouth where gum loss was apparent – the gum had receded upwards leaving an evident hole next to the top of the tooth where gum should be. Trying different things, I’d coax it back down, but it would recede again. The two teeth in the area were getting wiggly too. Recently a swelling had appeared high over the tooth, initially not painful, but getting tender-er as it grew. I also developed something like a scab on the gum touching the tooth, perhaps gum disease, perhaps a small injury as the result of me doing too much brushing and disturbing the area further.

I had been trying different things as a fix (a spinning Oral-B plaque-remover, a Sonicare brush, swishing w/ hydrogen peroxide, applying Neosporin to the spot before bed, not recommended since it’s not for oral use but I was getting desperate).

Nothing worked long term. I ordered this kit – containing gel cleaner, the mouthwash, trays, and floss.

THIS was what I needed- something that worked AND encouraged regular use. Unlike my home-grown attempts, I used the kit with regularity and confidence. I have used only the mouthwash and toothgel and floss, and have not yet used the trays. (Not much floss was provided, so I have used regular floss too.)

Within a week and a half I could see a difference. My gum is back in place (no hole) and the swelling above is going down. The teeth in the vicinity are more firmly rooted. My mouth stays clean-feeling long after brushing and swishing. It’s not minty fresh but there’s an obvious lack of scuzz on the teeth for a long period of time, longer than with regular toothpaste and mouthwash, even after eating. I swish with the mouthwash anytime I think of it. The toothgel also has done a fine job of getting off some old tartar on the back of my bottom front teeth (a problem spot for me since childhood) that nothing else would remove, even the high tech brushes. Perhaps the combination of the brushes with this gel is a winner.

Some users want the minty taste we’ve been conditioned to think equals clean. This gel and mouthwash are a little boring tasting. But you know what? Minty fresh gel or paste or mouthwash wasn’t fixing my gums like this stuff is. I’m enough of a grown-up to pass by the pleasure of taste for something that actually works. If you need the strong mint taste, then brush and gargle once a day with the old stuff and be happy, or chew some Xylitol mint gum, but make this your mainstay.

My routine now is to swish with hydrogen peroxide, brush with PerioTherapy gel, rinse with PerioTherapy mouthwash. I do this three times daily and floss once or twice. Six or eight minutes a day is not a lot of hassle for healthy teeth and gums.

Today I’m re-ordering the tooth gel and oral rinse and if there’s changes in the effectiveness in the future, I will gladly come back and edit this review, but for now I’m very satisfied. If you have gum issues and want to try to fix them without chancing a dental visit that could lead to more than you are ready to do, by all means give the kit a fair trial. Once you’ve done that and established that it works for you, you can re-order the components as needed to maintain the results.