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My name is Catherine and I had a thyroid biopsy yesterday and it was not fun. I had been told the novocaine would be the worst of it but it was not true. I suspect the Radiologist did not wait long enough to let the novocaine work. I was positioned with my neck extended and my head turned right so the Radiologist could get to the left side of my thyroid, so he did a shot of novocaine and when he immediately went back in I wrongfully assumed it was more novocaine, but it wasn’t. He went for the first aspiration. It was more than pressure, and just for some reality for my ability to deal with pain, I pushed out twins by choice. I will never do it again. I had a huge lump over the site (maybe novocaine) and my neck is so sore. I am glad I did not have to go to work today. That was much worse than I expected.

I do know other people who had a better situation. Two other women at work had this done, one had a similar experience to mine and one had no issue at all. If my biopsy comes back inconclusive I refuse to repeat this stupid biopsy.

I had my thyroid biopsy done by TED HITTLE, MD I will say he had a very heavy hand, I had such pain during and after the biopsy I almost blacked out from the first sample!!! The pain was so unexpected, mind you I am not a whimp either I had a baby and a female surgery and an amino before, you all know the aminos have LONG LONG needles too!! Anyway, I wish I had taken some Motrin and ativan or xanax before the biopsy. I was told afterwards it does depend on the Dr. techniques I would say if you are going to see the same Dr I did, RUN FOR THE HILLS! When I went in to see my regular dr for a follow up for the results I told him I had so much pain and got a shiver when I thought of the test for 3 days after, I think I had post traumatic stress those few days to follow!! I had never had such a feeling of woe before. My regular Dr says thats not the way it is suppose to happen. He has done many of them himself but couldn’t do mine with out it being ultra sound guided he didnt have anyone for the ultrasound so he sent me to the Imaging suite across the street. I was in such pain for a week afterwards I was on vico (thank God I had some left over from a knee injury) and Motrin for 4 days and Motrin for another week to follow and still felt pain after 2 weeks when I pressed on the area the pain was deep still inside. I really went with no fear thinking I can bear the pain. my sister had one herself before and from all I had read and all I had watched on the internet, well, I couldn’t bear it!!!! He hit a place the 3rd try and made my gag reflex start it was so awful I fought the urge to gag for several seconds I finally couldn’t hold it back.. OH MY GOSH!!!! GOOD LUCK to you all I have to get another done in 4-6 months all that pain and only 1 out of the 3 tries were able to be tested. Funny too, there was some tech guy and an observer looking at the samples with each with draw too he was there to make sure the tissue sample was enough, what a shabby end of the deal I got!!!! Turns out, there wasn’t enough tissue? Who was that guy then if he didnt even know what he was doing? With a total of 4 people in that room other than myself things could have went a lot smoother!!! You think they sold tickets to see a woman get tortured. You can email me at presouz at gmail dot com if you want to know more or tell me your horror story, I think we need to get the word out there, some of these Dr as not cut out to DO THEM!!!! I wish us all well and GOD BLESS US ALL~~

I’m doing an update on that post. In July of 2008 I had some intense swollen neck glands! I wonder if it has anything to do with the FNA I had? I mean what are the odds? I was told by my reg GP I must have a sinus infection, me, not even thinking this could be related to the FNA I still am unsure and with income loss and no health insurance I cant find out right now. I did have Health Ins in 2008 and did go to an ear nose and throat Dr he said he will get to the bottom of it, well, several thousand dollars later, NOTHING!, MRI’s with and with out contrast, nada. I just suffered. As I still do, I did have a reprieve for a few months Nov and Dec of 2009 other wise, I have had this pain now along with a sore throat~~ I have always been chronically fatigued for years, it took a mind over matter morning just to get me out of bed to go to work!! SO THIS WEEK doing research on my neck pain I did find out CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is sore throat and swollen neck glands, BINGO that’s my neck pain since July 2008 and my chronic fatigue since 1999 or earlier! along with many other symptoms too. I was reviewing my OLD DR reports from 2007 and my first endocrinologist had written CFS was what he suspected since i have been going to Dr for 11 years until that time in 2007 trying to get answers to the strange things that were happening to me. TOO MUCH to go into anyone with CFS knows the road maps of pains and Dr we have gone too. NOT FUN!! Again, if anyone has had chronic sore throat and neck pain for years after let me know.. thanks and good luck.. reach me at presouz at gmail dot compainful thyroid biopsy