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It is not a good idea to give Calpol unless absolutely necessary…it contains paracetamol which is good for the pain of illnesses such as ear infections and for teething pain and fever but if wind is causing muscle spasms and distended intestines that are full of wind it will not help. Leaking clear fluid during pregnancy Gripe water is likely to help the wind more than Calpol.

Have you started giving any solid foods yet? If so, keep a not of which foods he has had on days when the wind is troublesome…there may be some foods that are unhelpful.

If you sit facing forward with your legs together in front of you and your baby sits with their bum on your thigh and their side against your tummy with their head turned to face your breast.

I know it’s hard to deal with and you feel so helpless but stick with it, it doesn’t last forever. Water retention early pregnancy Their bodies soon learn how to get the wind up quickly, without any pain

I have no idea if she has any of the above or a mixture of them all! it is very distressing seeing her in pain and up set She makes noises as if she is trying to poop but when she eventually dose its not hard like I would expect a constipated poo would be but she also gets bad trapped wind where she goes tight and rigid and gives out the odd ouch scream and cry , she can also be unsettled at night.

I have been using infacol which I think has helped a little but not enough as it sometimes takes up to 2 hours to feed and wind her then she is nearly due another feed and it starts all over again .I have just started giving her gripe water but only half the amount with a little infacol so I’ll see how that goes.

With regards to the ‘constipation’ my HV told me to try a small amount of cool boiled water which dose seem to help but I don’t want to keep giving her that as apparently its not that good for them so young . Leaking clear fluid early pregnancy I also give her warm baths every other night and lightly massage her tummy with baby oil which seems to help a bit .This may sound odd but another brilliant thing you can do to help baby poo is when you change their nappy wipe their bum with a wipe a few times as it stimulates them to poop, just like a mother deer would do with her young accept using her tongue not a wipe .

I literally wind her in every position possible , laying her on my lap, patting her whilst over my shoulder , the wind mil l, rubbing/patting her tummy , bouncing her up and down etc but you have to change it up as I have found as the same thing doesn’t work all the time.

Basically I was wondering if anyone thinks it is worth going to the doctors to seek advice as someone said she might need gaviscon or colief,if I knew exactly what the issue was I may be able to treat it better . Chronic fluid in ear My poor baby