Trump slams shut open borders culture of life news

Yesterday, Trump announced his intention to stop the invasion of the US by foreign flag-waving illegal aliens who just invaded Mexico and are openly marching on the US with the intention of attacking citizens and stealing money from all of us, collectively as well as committing crimes here in the future. The DNC is demanding these invaders be invited in and given taxpayer money. This makes them complicit in an open alien invasion of our sovereign nation.

The DNC wants to convince citizens that sovereignty is stupid. But the movement in Europe and North America and across the globe is for more nationalism, not more open borders. Below is a news clip from liberals in Europe (note the female here) who are wailing with fear in FRANCE, terrified of nationalism and protecting borders from alien invaders from the Middle East and Africa.

I love how the ‘liberals’ in Brazil are ‘shocked’ so they pretend everyone is ‘shocked’ that a man who wants to protect Brazil is now in charge instead of destructive liberals who bankrupted large parts of the country while wrecking all the major cities.

What if funny is how liberals in Brazil are whining about ‘demonizing’ opponents. This is the biggest talking point of all Bilderberg gang members. They sent out word two years ago that the media tools should accuse all people opposing free trade are ‘demonizing’ Bilderberg news media people and politicians.

This week, France had to put huge barriers around the Eiffel Tower to protect it from illegal alien terrorists who are running wild in France. Tourism is way, way down now because tourists are harassed mercilessly by aliens seeking to loot them.

Meanwhile, James O’Keefe uses more undercover video makers to film Beto O’Rouke, the Texan running an ‘open borders’ campaign, has illegally sent campaign funds to pay for buses which we saw in the news yesterday, to pick up invaders inside Mexico who plan to attack our borders.

The open treason by DNC bosses and their buddies never ceases to amaze me. They are so far gone, they can’t see how this is treason. They think, inviting in hostile invaders intent on looting taxpayers is OK. This is very astonishing. And it is causing rising anger in all ‘first world’ countries being invaded this way with the assist of liberals.

Trump is making some minor course corrections to avoid the worst potholes but the bus is still headed towards a monetary, fiscal, foreign policy, peak oil, pollution, and carrying capacity cliff. The bus is headed towards that cliff because the strongest nations on the planet are extracting wealth from producer nations using a banking consumerism model that requires consuming ever more resources at the fastest possible rate, and those nations can’t veer off or even apply the breaks without losing wealth.

Trump is in the drivers seat. The all talk and no action is getting on the nerves of many conservatives, libertarians and true liberals waiting for a real turn towards sustainability in fiscal, monetary and foreign policy. Just as annoying is the ridiculous meme that the President (who has trouble reading and is probably learning disabled) is somehow playing “3D-chess” with all of these affairs in some subtle clever way to ensure victory. (Obviously what’s more likely is that a guy who can’t read voluminous documents quickly is a perfect tool for a cabal of eminences grises, much like a brain-diseased Hillary would have been.)

That the club’s 9/11 coverup guy, Mueller, is pretending to investigate Trump yet somehow hasn’t subpoenaed his personal Deutsche bank records or made much progress in years, and is merely taking out Trump’s garbage and using them as window dressing for his fake investigation is prima facie evidence that Mueller is a distraction, that Mueller is there to cover up Trump’s real baggage while creating the appearance of divisiveness, that the ruling class and the government apparichniks are protecting Trump, and the rest of the sound and fury signifies nothing more than Kayfabe WWF bread and circus. All part of a big game called “keep the b***h on the bus.” The bus has two aisles, the GOP and the the DNC, and the b***h is all of us.

As for Trump’s “Art of The Deal” negotiating prowess. . . instead of making deals, had Trump invested his entire inheritance in an S&P 500 index fund with dividend reinvestment, he’d be worth as much as $25 billion today, instead of $5 billion.

The debt-fiat-consumer model breaks down when the year-over-year increase in resources starts to diminish instead. Shortages are the cliff. After that does the world blame us for organizing this global bonfire and benefitting the most? Using up the world’s most valuable resource in only a few generations, simply because we weren’t sitting on it, and so instituted a low price consumer model rather than a higher price conservation model?

That’s the rub. The pyre stays higher as long as Saudi oil is pegged to the dollar and the price is jiggered low. De-dollarization matters little with central banks buying each other’s debt under the table. What de-dollarization does do is spread the blame around.

About the only thing the ruling class is doing is making a half-hearted attempt to avoid blame and spread it around. Of course, they will want de-dollarization right before the oil shortages, so the financial crash will belong to everyone, not just America! I suppose ramping up furor over antisemitism in order to backhandedly incite it is right out of their old playbook.

Anyhow after the shortages our forward deployed military base model keeping “free trade” flowing no longer pays for itself. . . without a return to outright colonialism. So, that’ll be the choice there I guess? Most likely after peak oil we will see the big powers invading the third world, under the guise of rivalry and protection, but really in order to seize resources. Already begun in Ukraine and Libya and Syria. Then as shortages worsen things get more and more unstable from there.