Ulcers and tonsils – a link baby mouth sores pictures

Hi, I’m 23 and currently suffering from tonsillitis for the first time. Had severe fever for 5 days, days 3 of fever and the razor blade throat kicked in. Was not able to swallow let alone drink or eat ! Also a type 1 diabetic so it’s been a challenge managing it all! Wisdom teeth are coming through and have cut the crap out of my gums and side of cheek so that’s made eating worse. And after 1 day of penicillin the ulcers started ! Agree with you all they are pretty much more torturous than the sore throat! I think the ulcers have a lot to do with the antibiotics and painkillers, but also the fever and the dehydration I believe definitely play apart in causing these ulcers to come about. Never been sick like this before. Speedy recovery to all !

Hi I’m 37 and for the last 2 years I get tonsillitis every couple of months .

This time it started Xmas eve 🙁 I tried my best not let it ruin my Xmas. But couldn’t eat or drink it’s awful . I have decided this time not to have antibiotics , as I usually do and it does clear quicker . But my doctor says they can lower ur immune system . So with been off work anyway decided to ride it out with paracetamol, ibuprofen and lozenges. It’s now day 5 and my upper gums are covered in ulcers . An tbh they are just as painful if not worse . Thank the Lord for parecetomal that’s all’s I can say ! Worst Xmas ever

I have had the most horrendous mouth ulcers this week, which came a few days after tonsillitis. I was 4days into my penicillin script , and starting too see some improvement, when the ulcers started. By the next morning I had enormous mouth swelling and sever pain; no food, no drink, no sleep. I went back to my doctor who presecribwd me Prednisone, an oral steroid. Only one tablet in and I’m already feeling relief. Prednisone can be pretty intense (look up the side effects), my doctor has recommended I take it for no more than 4days. My doctor also said the ulcers are most likely related to a virus that may have also lead to my tonsillitis. Hope this helps someone!!

29 year old male, currently recovering from tonsillitis and ANUG (server gum infection). Guys firstly i must say this has been the most painful situation i have ever experienced. I am still not fully recovered but i thought i would share my journey. Was feeling feverish at work so booked doctors for a same day appointed where i was perscribed a 10 day course onf antibiotics. Day 2 started to delovop sores all around my gums. Day 3 gums felt like they were on fire, tried mouth wash, salt water all throughtout the day in an attempt to get rid of pain and sores. I attended an emergency dentist where i was told i have a gum infection known as ANUG also know and Trench Mouth. I was then prescibed another course of antibiotics to take alongside the ones prescribed for the tonsillitis. The agonising pain left it impossible for me to eat anything. I battled though 2 days just eating 1 baby jar of apple pudding per day alongside water. Still in pain i went to another dentist whom also prescribed me with an anti inflammatory mouth wash called BENZYDAMINE alongside an antibacterial mouth wash CHLORHEXIDINE. I was also prescribed a steroid tablet known as HYDROCORTISONE which is place on ulcers around the mouth until disolved. My dentist has been tremendous as they opened the surgery just for me which i am most grateful. I am still not fully recoved but i am now on the road to recovery. I have never took time out to write on a forum but having googled what i was going throught for 4 days straight I thought id share the medicines etc that i have been treated with.