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They recommended Hill’s low fat I/D or baked chicken with mash potato. Don’t know if you have the Hills, but I say nom-nom to the latter. They have prescribed the appetite stimulant (Mirtazapine), as needed. I see the notation 12 noon tomorrow. So, maybe you serve up the chicken and mashed before then to see if she eats.***

You wondered how to administered the meds if Bella is not eating. Two thoughts–not eating is different than not drinking water. She may accept the meds and then drink a little water afterwards. In the alternative, you can inquire to learn which of the meds can be ordered as a compounded/suspension form. Most or all of my late little one’s meds were prescribed that way and administered via an oral syringe. Katy didn’t take pills well (er … maybe because I was a nervous wreck in the act), but never had an issue with the liquid.

Even with compounded/suspension, some meds are to be administered with foods. If she’s not eating, and you have meds (pill form or other) that direct you to administer with food, I would administer the meds once, but little-old-novice-me would call the vet’s office for their okay before administering them the second time.

It looks worse than I thought…and now with other concerns…liver biopsy? Huh? No one mentioned that at discharge…3 days of no eating and she goes into an oxygen chamber? Ut oh. She’s sleeping now, but with tons of meds to give and a tornado/thunderstorm in our area- she’ll be all up and miserable soon.

If anyone has any info about the plasma that looks on the bright side for an already bad situation, the liver scary stuff or any of it. HOW do I feed a dog meds with food when she doesn’t eat on a good day? Just give them and rip up h er stomach- don’t give them and she dies of pancreatitis?

Giving her plasma was harmless. The ondansetron is to reduce nausea and the gabapentin is to reduce pain. They are both relatively nontoxic/harmless medications, and should have minimal side effects (other than possible drowsiness from the gabapentin). You can try wrapping the pills up in SMALL pieces of cheese to see if she’ll eat them that way, and follow up with boiled chicken and mashed potatoes (no added salt or butter) as directed by the vet. The most critical thing is to feed her a low fat diet. The additional testing/hospitalization is for only if she doesn’t improve. Let’s hope she improves, and cross that bridge only if she comes to it.

I really wish they had supplied you with compounded meds. SO much easier. I use a pharmacy in Houston that ships my meds the same day if ordered early enough and I have them the next day via Fed Ex Express. They are a great pharmacy….the other ones that are well known take far too long to get things to you and they are awful to work with. BCP has these awesome little chews that my pups love…they are about the size of an MM and you can choose the flavor. My pups don’t bother to chew…they gulp them down! They also do make liquids but for most I use the chews. Here is a link if you want to try them: BCP Veterinary Pharmacy | Specializing in the Pharmacology of Animals

Some of that report has me baffled….I got the impression they think it could be heliobacteria since that can cause stomach wall inflammation.. And, the liver thing…gosh I don’t know how quickly I would be scheduling a biopsy. I have had similar reports and they have given the meds…antibiotics and denamarin and repeated the ultrasound. I might have to think long and hard on that one.

Thank you so much for the update. Although the discharge report seems scary, in fact it does give hope that your baby will improve, if not completely cured in the near term, with home care. They did say that she responded fairly well while in the hospital and if you try and feed small quantities of the suggested food, she should be able to take in the necessary meds. It is likely that her appetite will not be good but hopefully she will be able to absorb small quantities at frequent intervals. She obviously had a bad case of pancreatitis from the test numbers and does not feel good. This is a very debilitating disease, but she has survived so far and has been discharged from the vet care.

I sure understand that you are very concerned for her and upset that she is still sick, but hopefully the intensive vet treatment will show good results soon, after your loving home care. Just take it as it comes and do what you can with the discharge instructions, you might not be able to follow them 100%, but do what you can. If you are really worried you can call the vet to ease your mind.

By the way, my dog would take the Hills ID low fat canned food when he was treated at home for P. I just gave him a teaspoon by hand as often as he would eat it, together with meds. This food is also high in water, so she would get liquids as well. Good Luck and hang in there.