Virtual reality shows promise despite barrier of entry life + entertainment over the counter antiemetic uk

Vongsavath said mobile VR headsets are an excellent introductory product for those interested in virtual reality. Many of the apps and games made for mobile VR are experiences which take the player on a visual ride through a typically linear track, and they can be a great way to acclimate to the platform in general, Vongsavath said. Many of the applications of mobile VR are restricted to the headset and must be played while stationary, Vongsavath said.

Mobile VR headsets are typically cheaper than their tethered counterparts, function better accompanied by a hand-held controller and only require a compatible smartphone to be inserted into the headset to be operated, civil engineering junior Jacob Adkins said. Adkins said he owns a Samsung Gear VR headset but experiences issues when gaming on it.

The next best option is a headset tethered to the Playstation 4, commonly referred to as PSVR, Vongsavath said. As all PSVR headsets are made to work with Playstation consoles, it can be a much more cost-effective method of obtaining a quality VR experience, Vongsavath said. Console-tethered VR headsets function similarly to mobile, operating most efficiently with handheld controllers but bolstered by the computing power of the Playstation.

A common drawback of mobile and console-tethered VR headsets is the possibility of motion sickness, CAP freshman Andrew Giang said. Giang experiences nausea after a short time playing because of the disorienting feeling of his point of view shifting while his body remains stationary. Because of this, he only plays the games that came with the PSVR at launch, such as The Playroom, a party-focused collection of augmented reality mini-games.

The top tier of VR gaming occurs with headsets that tether to high-end gaming PCs, which typically have an above average processor and graphics processing unit, Vongsavath said. Many headsets are expensive for the casual gamer, such as the HTC Vive at $500, and can be a barrier of entry to those without expendable income, Vongsavath said. The mechanics of PC-tethered VR often does not rely on controllers and includes external motion sensors for tracking the player’s movement as they move through the room, Vongsavath said.

The variety of games available for VR continues to broaden as the technology improves, Vongsavath said. Many gamers have positively reacted to being immersed in VR ports of popular Bethesda Softworks games, such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, Vongsavath said. His particular favorite game for the VR platform is GORN, which utilizes the external motion sensors to immerse the player in gladiatorial combat, wielding weapons with the controllers and fighting against countless warriors, he said.

Some genres of games are particularly susceptible to causing motion sickness when played on a VR headset, such as open-world games and first-person shooters, said Christian Gross, industrial engineering junior and esports club president. While the technology still has a long way to go before being implemented for a competitive scene, Gross views the platform as a way to engage people outside of gaming circles, he said.