We need a white wine emoji for these six from oregon! wine predator in mouth sores

To that end, we have a series of blog posts for you where we will investigate and taste six fun whites from Oregon, then just in time for Chardonnay Day on Thursday May 24, and National Wine Day on Friday May 25, we have two dozen DRY FARMED CHARDONNAY from Oregon where we will also discuss the difference between wines that use oak barrels and those which do not.

First, a call to action that does not include tasting wine! While some may think this is frivolous, don’t you think it’s time for us to have a white wine emoji? If you agree, please join us in signing this petition calling for the creation of a white wine emoji .

How did we decide this order? We debated quite a bit, particularly about where to put the Borealis as it is very rambuctious and a tad sweet like a toddler, the Gruner is a lean green fighting machine, and the Chardonnay has some oak on it, so we decided to do those later.

The order of how you taste wines definitely influences your experience of them — as does the shape of the glass you choose! For our evening’s tasting for three of us, I ended up washing (by hand!) almost two dozen glasses of various shapes and kinds including:

We started with two wines from Left Coast Cellars located in Rickreall, OR 15 minutes north west of Salem and south of McMinnville in the Willamette Valley. Founded in 2003, Left Coast now has one of the largest contiguous vineyards in Oregon.

Family owned, 100% estate grown and bottled, and committed to sustainability, Left Coast desires to enhance and share the natural beauty of their property with others through thoughtful winemaking, sustainable practices and habitat conservation. Both vineyards and winery are LIVE certified sustainable, they are 90% solar powered and have partnered with the US Department of Fish Wildlife to help restore 100 acres of old growth Oregon White Oak on the property to their native savannah state. Voted Oregon’s Best Tasting Room of 2017 by USA Today, they are famous for their wood fired pizza. (We cooked ours in my oven!)

Pairings: Sue tried the this wine with caviar and was not really thrilled, there was a bit too much fruit to pair well with the salt. We sampled a papaya delice cheese with a piece of ripe pear with this wine: what a lovely pair. This led to Sue’s creation of pear and brie pizza: the pear in the pizza brought out the pear notes in the wine. I really liked the procuitto wrapped asparagus as a pairing and Sue agreed so she made a pizza with these elements as well. Our salad of spinach, fresh raspberries, feta, pecans and raspberry balsamic was lovely with this wine.

Nose: Tangerine, nectarine, honeysuckle. Diane fell in love with the aroma: Very faint grassiness, almost like fresh cut grass, but grass that has been cut down a while ago earlier in the day, and you are still smelling it as the sun sets and it’s time to relax.

Palate: Fruit on the palate suggest sweet citrus on the front of the palate, with a dry crisp finish. Diane got nectarine, not a super ripe nectarine, following through to that nectarine on the back of the mouth. There is not a lengthy finish on the backend. Big burst of flavor up front which mellows finishing clean and crisp. Very satisfying wine.

Pairing: We imagine this wine with a roast beet or squash salad with goat cheese. Diane had the wine with a piece of brie and found it much more pleasurable. Sue liked it with a bit of ripe pear to the brie bite. Sue found the fresh oysters to be perfect with this wine.

Pairing: Great with the caviar, perfect with the fresh oysters, Gwen found it to be like the chemistry of milk chocolate and the magic that happens when you put the two together. We really liked this wine with our brie, asparagus, procuitto pizza. Such lovely flavors that marry together, the garlic starts to take control, but then is controlled and tamed by the creaminess of the brie, and the smoked salt of the food.

Fewer than 500 cases produced. There is very little of this grape grown in the United States, much more in Europe. The grape does best in Loess soils similar to soils there in the Rhine. Only 10% of the planet has this type of soil which is made up of sediment sized grains of silt that have been blown in the wind and accumulated.

Pairing: So much potential with this wine when paired with food. Rich buttery seafoods make this wine much more enjoyable. Diane wanted to have a smoked oyster and asked what wine we might recommend, we took her to the chardonnay thinking that the smoke in the oyster might do nicely with the chard. I took it one step further and put her smoked oyster on creme fresh with the chard. I felt the pairing was not bad, but not something to write home about it. Sue decided to join in with the smoked oyster and the chard. It was again a nice pair, but not the best of the evening.

Our creamy shrimp, garlic pizza, was fabulous with this wine, it cut the oakiness and changed the wine completely in a brilliant way. Over the top insane. This wine changes when it has a creamy, lovely garlic. We all agreed that this was a most amazing transformation of this wine. for our brie asparagus pizza was great as well. the creaminess of the food brought out a wonderful loveliness in the wine. It also liked the smoked oyster, mushroom pizza with parm, who would have thought that this would have done well? In fact this was really the only whites that went well with our smoked oyster pizza.

Who is the largest producer of certified estate wines made from Biodynamic® grapes in the country? Oregon’s Montinore Estate which also produces the Borealis grown in their Stellar Certified Organic vineyard located in north Willamette Valley.

Pairing: With the sweetness, we imagine this would be great with Asian food, Thai curry. We saved our dessert for this wine: blue cheese pear pizza with roasted pecans and rosemary and a creme fresh lemon curd raspberry pizza. After smelling the wine we all decided that we wanted to go straight for the lemon curd raspberry pizza. The citrus creaminess of the wine was spectacular with the wine. This wine also was spectacular with our blue cheese, pear, and pecan pizza.