Week 42 (2017) – flu vaccine warning – naturally healthy news – by robert redfern causes of sores in mouth

Only 3 people out of every hundred may get some benefit. So, 97% of the population are terrorised to get a drug injected into their bloodstream with dubious long-term side effects. When the 3 people that may benefit, who are already under close care of the doctors, could have quietly been given the the jab without these terror press releases.

What are the immediate side effects of taking the Jab? The side-effects of the vaccine are identical to the symptoms of flu: a runny or stuffy nose, headaches and muscle aches, sore throat, loss of appetite, chills and fever, and earache. The drug companies deny you can get the FLU from vaccinations.

• If you are in the seriously Ill stage of a life threatening disease then ask your doctor. If you have recently started following a recovery really healthy foods diet and plan from one of my eBooks at www.NaturallyHealthyNews.com and are in recovery then follow the immune protection plan below and especially the Probiotics.

All of the reviews of studies by independent researchers for FLU vaccinations indicate they have little or no health benefits whatsoever for healthy people and only those with serious illnesses show any benefits. Worse still, ladies who are pregnant risk miscarriages. FLU Vaccine Can Cause A Miscarriage

There are three groups of people: really healthy people, really unhealthy people and then everyone else who are somewhere in-between these two. The difference between healthy and unhealthy is directly related to the amount of starchy carbs and high sugar foods and drinks consumed.

Eating a really healthy foods diet is your best bet for a strong immune system. Since we are approaching the season when more carbs and sugar are consumed compared to any other 4 month period, I have some recommendations to avoid FLU and COLDS.

1st Line is probably the most powerful natural supplement for quickly building your natural defences. 1st Line naturally elevates Thiocyanate levels within the body that supports the immune system to battle many types of infection including viruses.

Unlike antibiotics, 1st Line doesn’t destroy healthy bacteria in the body. 1st Line is safe, easy to use, a one-time treatment and has no harmful side-effects. I recommend for those at the greatest risk to take one dose every day for a week and then one per month. It can be used by people with a compromised immune system to prevent sickness, colds and flu and to stay healthy on a monthly basis. Daily Protection

Below is a review of the factors explaining why each ingredient (x10) was selected for the formula. It explains in detail as to why it is the best formula you can get (in my opinion) for a strong immune system. This unique blend of ingredients (x10) can only be found together in Daily Immune Protection or D.I.P. as I refer to it.

By activating an immune system response, either through the innate or adaptive immune system. The responses of these immune systems are characterized first by the body’s recognition of foreign invaders and their antigens (proteins located on the invader’s cell surface) and secondly, its response (attack) against them.

D.I.P. balances and stabilizes both the innate and adaptive immune system responses in the body. This is because D.I.P. is an immune system “balancer” as opposed to other immune products, which try to artificially bolster the immune system. All x10 ingredients in D.I.P are backed by research, they are: