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I had flaky lips for six years now. Sometimes it get so worse that the whole skin around my lips becomes flaky as well and starts to peel. I don’t live in cold weather, I live in southern California, and the weather is fine, so I know it is not due to weather. My lips becomes normal after I brushed my teeth, but after an instant 10 minutes, it becomes extremely flaky again. It’s like my skin is sucking in all the moisturizer. I think I tried over 10 home remedies and over 50 lip care products. My dermatologist recommended a $60 cream calls Elidel that treats eczema. DOES NOT WORK, I even tried Elocon, which makes it even worse. I know our lip conditions is really hard to cure, because my doctor and dermatologist apparently don’t know what to do with my problem. And I haven’t found a solution yet, but after intense researching, I know that products we use should be organic.

Because if we are constantly rubbing stuff on our lips, it should be a harmless product. I also found out that some lip balms such as: carmex, normal chapped stick contains chemical that is harmful to our lips. In the end, each skin responds differently to each product, but I think that we should take care of our lips by using organic lip balm. To sum it up, here is what you can try to do:

I am in the same boat. My condition over the last couple of weeks worsened although earlier on it was under control due to my way of eating nuts which have natural oils and good for health. My well being has gone down due to exposure to sinus infection. However over the lst few weeks my condition has become acute. On close examination I was exposed an infection with cocci bacteria. The skin flakes were full of bacterial colonies. This has alarmed me to look for some specific treatment. At the moment, the best thing working for me is to gently apply a thin layer of Aristocort skin cream for topical anti-inflammatory purpose. It contains Triamcinolone acetonide 0.02% w/w. It is available in Australia as a precribed medication. This is free from parabens, phenol, and lanolin. Equivalent products should be available in other countries. I found a great relief and my lips have softened to great extent and of course I am not completely cured as yet. But with this cream at least I have some relief with partial cure. At least one can liver with it. I used to have my lips crack and bleed. Such thing is not happening. This is my personal experience. It may apply to your conditions or you may need different in your situation. I will come back to you with some more update.

Has anyone had an update on their condition and anyone been cured of this?? I have had it for the last 9 months or so at varying degrees of how bad it has gotten – similar also no dermatologist or even allergy doctor has been able to help me cure it completely although some treatments have helped make it go down some – I have found similar ways to manage it too a combo of Aquaphor, Neosporin has helped a bit but like another said I have to apply it constantly, or my lips get scaly, realy dry chapped and then start to crack and or get super flaky!

I agree that exfoliating is important but I have to be careful not to scratch it or put too much pressure on lips or area around lips (both lips and area around lips are effected) otherwise it gets super red and I look like a clown with red blotches all around my lips! this happens when it gets irritated and really starts iching – sometimes just the stress of it had me scratching!

But I also have been in search of another product that is organic. I tried Olive oil and coconut oils but those are better eaten as they don’t provide enough of moisture that locks in. I have been having cravings for foods with lots of good natural oils so it seems that my body knows what it needs (ie: Avocado, Brazil Nuts and Cashews, Flax seed meal, seeds, Olive oil, Coconut Oil)

– Going to try to find a lip balm made of 100% organic Shea Butter to see if that could be a replacement for the Aquaphor/ Neosporin. And also see if there is some other bonafide cure! because hearing that so many of you have had it for so many years is crazy to me! It would be awesome for this condition to be healed as soon as possible! It already is as you all know not so much fun to have to live with on a daily especially working as a Documentary Filmmaker and having to interview people!