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If you want to learn more about your health, look at your fingernails. Your nails grow quickly, so they can show signs of physical problems before you notice it in any other part of your body. Horizontal nail ridges are often a sign of serious problems, such as vitamin or mineral deficiencies, or some types of illnesses. Read on to find the possible indications and how to get your beautiful nails back.

Sometimes an injury to the nail or finger can cause the lines, such as crushing the nail—imagine hitting your nail with a hammer, for instance. Sometimes runners will see their toenails rub against their shoe, thus leading to horizontal lines. The same manner can apply to the habit of biting nails. In additions, some chemicals like nail polisher can cause the nail to peel and become brittle in long time exposure. 2.


Bacterial infections have been known to cause horizontal ridges in nails. Yeast or other fungal infections can lead to nail issues and one of those symptoms can be horizontal ridges. Other infections like heart valve infections and viral warts can also change the way your nail looks, including horizontal ridges. 3. Diseases and Surgeries

Many serious diseases can lead to problems with your nails. These include diseases of the kidneys, liver, thyroid, heart, and even the skin. Some skin cancers show up first as horizontal nail ridges. Some surgeries can lead to the problem as well, especially those that affect the amount of oxygen in the blood. Melanoma with aggressive property can also lead to nail ridges and dark colors of the cuticle. 4. Poisons

Though this is quite rare, some poisons can lead to horizontal ridges, such as arsenic poisoning or an overdose of silver. Some chemotherapy treatments are harsh and might even be considered poisonous; these can also cause the ridges. When Can It Be Serious?

Vertical ridges are not often serious; however, horizontal ridges usually can be a sign of an underlying problem, which calls for a medical visit to rule out possible issues. Besides, certain symptoms require an immediate medical visit, including:

• Buff the nail with a fine-grit cushion file, moving in an X pattern from the nail corner to central areas. The nail file should be alleviated totally when you finish each stroke. Remember to limit the stroke under 4 to 6 times per nail. Perform this process each week until the ridges are eliminated.

Just like body massage, you can also do nail massage on each fingertip to enhance blood flow and eliminate the nail ridges. You can gently massage each fingertip to improve the circulation on your hand area. As for the massage oil or cream, the naturally extracted jojoba oil can show quick effects. Using a moisturizing lotion that contains Vitamin E is a big plus as well. Massaging your nails every night before going to bed shows good results, and don’t forget to massage your hands as well.

• Enhance the absorption of minerals: Lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and bitter lettuces are more enzymatic and digestive foods, and should be added to your diet to enhance the mineral absorption. Besides, slippery elm powder taken before meal helps to enhance absorption of minerals.

Do everything you can to avoid making horizontal ridges in nails even worse. You can do this by treating your nails well – no biting, picking or otherwise tearing at them. Clip hangnails as soon as you notice them. Wear shoes that fit properly and don’t squeeze the nail – for instance, high heels with tight toes are a no-no. Keep nails short and use a moisturizing cream on a regular basis. The vitamin Biotin might also be a great help.