Where can one get cannabis leaves or oil in nigeria – health – nigeria gum pain after tooth extraction

Pure coconut oil in the coke bottle and cannaoil in the other. My extraction was different from what was posted earlier, i put it about a quarter cup of the weed, filled it with coconut oi, stirred it, put it in a bigger bowl containing water. Dumped it in the microwave first set at 160 for 20 mins then at 260/320(cant remember the number but the second lowest) for 30 mins. The oil was too hot so i brought it out. i’d have done it again for another 30 mins but someone woke up (did it at 1am or so). so i just left it that way till about noon when i used a fabric to sieve it (be sure to squeeze it properly).

NB: This is not for consumption(using it for something else). I don’t encourage the excessive consumption of weed in any way, i don’t encourage smoking it at all (chewing is so much better ) but the medicinal properties of this mixture has not been fully explored because of its illegality.

Some people have used it to cure cancer or at the very least, ease its pain and its curative power is more important than people who just want to get high so they don’t have to live with their real selves.

Hello Rawdeal, in my haste to describe the process I forgot to mention the important step of pouring the HOT mixture through cloth to filter out the weed for disposal BEFORE setting the mixture aside to cool and separate into the upper oil layer and the lower layer of waste water.

Thanks also for your description of a faster the process using the microwave. I might get up the nerve to try that idea sometime. I agree too that our lungs are designed to process air and not the fumes of anything burnt, and with that in mind, those inclined to ingest their medicine would do well to give coconut oil a try, as it is indeed a very good vehicle of delivery, if not the best.

After generations of being outlawed virtually everywhere, any mention of marijuana’s properties, even as a potent pain-reducing skin balm, for example, continues to elicit responses ranging from disapproval to disbelief, which to an extent explains why the PROVEN pain-killing properties achievable with this particular method of THC extraction have until very recently been largely unknown to mainstream medical practice.

With a tidal wave of new legislation decriminalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana use in the USA and Europe, the dark years of weed prohibition, which sent many a peaceful and productive toker to jail for no other reason, are drawing to a merciful close. As Jamaica now stands poised to make legal and profit hugely from Ganja production, one hopes that Africa will follow the tide of common sense and do the right thing – Legaliiiiize it, yeah, so I-and-I will let dem TAAAAX it.

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