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you do have a quandary there, but it doesn’t have to be. The reason you read about more problem-wisdom-teeth-removal stories is because they are the ones who post because they are seeking help. The many who have had the wisdom teeth removed and had no problems, don’t need to post.

Now after I wrote that, you still need to be extremely careful. I did not have my wisdom teeth removed and developed tmj. When the teeth came in, they changed my bite drastically to the point that my teeth only came together at the wisdom teeth. So when other factors, like stress big time, came into my life, the clenching and grinding on an imperfect bite began. Thus, my life of tmj. You’d think now that the smart thing to do would have been to remove the teeth, but I became an experiment and other methods were tried that failed.

This was 25 years ago, so I do have to say there is more knowledge out there now even though the medical field seems to ignore it too much.

I would talk to the oral surgeon who would pull the teeth. Discuss the problems you have currently and your fears about tmj getting worse, etc. Ask him/her how he removes the teeth? Does he overextend the opening of the mouth to get to the teeth? (overextending of the mouth/bite is a major problem that seems to cause the tmj disc(s) to displace.) will he x-ray the area first to see if there might be any problems? What about an mri? Does he use excessive force to pull the teeth and/or roots?

I believe the first poster is exactly right; you shouldn’t believe that having your wisdom teeth pulled leads to an almost certain chance that your TMJ could get worse. Primarily the people who post their stories on these forums are the people who went and had the procedure done, and then some complication occurred. The people who came out from the procedure with no problems have no need to go through forums looking for help. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be concerned because of course there is a risk to any surgical procedure, but just remember the reason why there are so many more horror stories than success stories on forums.

My surgery went well; it’s been almost a week since my wisdom teeth came out and besides a little bit of pain and swelling, there have been no complications or further TMJ symptoms. If you’re getting your wisdom teeth extracted, make sure your oral surgeon knows you have TMJ and has taken steps to reduce stress on your jaw during the procedure. My oral surgeon used a bite block to give my teeth something to rest on during the procedure to reduce stress on the jaw. He also agreed to close my mouth periodically during the procedure so that I wouldn’t have to have my mouth open for a full 45 minutes straight.

I had the wisdom tooth pulled a year ago at my usual dentist, when I was 27. Pulling the tooth did get rid of a lot of the pain. Honestly, it was the worst pain I have ever experienced. However shortly afterwards I appeared to develop TMJ. I have no diagnosis of this, but it sounds exactly like what is happening to me.

My TMJ is made much worse if I get wind blowing in my ear, it becomes excruciating then. But it will usually hurt for no good reason. It hurts like the tooth is still there, but it isn’t. Sometimes I think the tooth is still there and I have to check. It hurts all the way through my top jaw, my front teeth, up the side of my face to the top of my scalp and all the way down my neck.

I have read sometimes this happens because part of the tooth gets left behind in the gum, but I actually asked to keep my wisdom tooth after it was pulled. I believe it is complete, there don’t seem to be any breaks in it and it has the root. Unless it tapers off to a needle like point, I think she got the whole tooth out. The root is about the same length or slightly longer than the tooth.

It has drastically changed the shape of my top jaw. where the tooth was pulled the jaw bone has changed from a rectangular shape to a triangle one. My molar teeth has started to be pushed together, they move a little further apart when the tooth was gone, but they are not making good use of the extra space.

I have had to second one come through on the other side. It is like a mirror image of the other tooth, pointing towards the outside of the other side of my mouth. It has it’s painful moments, but nothing like the pain the other one caused me before it was pulled. In fact the side that has TMJ is often much more painful that the new wisdom tooth when it was on it’s way out!

In hindsight, I regret having the tooth out. I wasn’t warned when I had the tooth out about any of these side effects. The only thing I knew could happen was loss of feeling the in face and the only reason I knew that was because I looked it up on Wikipedia before I went. However it was so excessively painful I am really not sure what else I could have done.

I don’t really have a way of avoiding this problem, but I would say, if you tooth isn’t causing you massive amounts of disabling pain, I would really think twice about why you want it pulled, because you may not recover the way you expect to.

I fixed my TMJ with trigger point therapy to the scalene muscles and jaw. It also fixed my tinnitus, painful inner ear, eye problems and sinus trouble Ive had most of my life. If your scalene muscles are tight it throws your whole head out of whack. I know most people wont think much of this post, I didn’t until I was sick of the pain and ready to try anything. I bought a massage roller ball (and striped my scalenes; its a massage tech), the trigger point therapy guide, and grape seed oil to massage my jaw joint with. It took 3 days of trying, but it worked! Pain went down 75% in a few minutes on the 3rd day. It was trial and error and hurt like hell but well worth it! I expect complete recovery in a few days. I was AMAZED at how many trigger points I have.

If you get desperate, ephedra (natural tea) or ephedrine tables (sinus med) works great for pain and inflammation with TMJ, way better than ibuprofen. I tried every pain med there was and ephedra tablets worked miracles, half an hour and the pain was cut in half. Good luck everyone!