Worse than childbirth 11 diseases are incredibly severe pain the quebec telegram pain in left side of chest

To learn the full power of pain during childbirth, the Daily DISPATCH decided to conduct an experiment. The journalists asked two groups of experts in this matter: for parous women and doctors. The result was a list of 11 diseases, compared with which birth seem not so scary event. Cluster headaches or migraine

When a severe, pulsating pain that can last for hours, migraine and other forms of headaches – no joke. Along with the obvious pain and irritation of migraine patients also suffer from sensitivity to light, touch, nausea and dizziness. Migraine more common in women than in men. Women experience all forms of pain more sharply than men, so keep that in mind when you read the rest of the list. Complex regional pain syndrome

Usually, CRPS occurs after trauma or surgery, doctors still do not fully understand this process.

We only know that CRPS causes swelling, pain and affects the skin and bones. The doctors say that in some of the most severe cases, limbs have to be amputated the patient to end his torment. And there is no effective cure for this disease. Kidney stones

Along with the painful sensations that can last for several months, patients living with these small pieces of calcium in the kidneys, suffering from fever, chills, nausea and vomiting. Although this is a very common disease, 16 000 people die each year from kidney stones around the world, so don’t underestimate him.

If you are squeamish man, better skip this paragraph. If your anus will develop purulent abscess, you will face excruciating pain. Patients report that can barely move or sit with the abscess, and the treatment of its as tragic as the disease itself. Pudendal neuralgia

This is a rare and serious condition that causes severe pain. It is the cause of pudendal a pinched nerve in the pelvis. Besides pain you are faced with the inability to control your bowel and bladder. Apparently, this disease is much worse for men as they are faced with severe constant pain in the penis, according to the study. Gout

A us study of patients with gout showed that two-thirds of people living with the disease, I believe that this is the worst pain in their lives. Once called the “disease of the rich”, the swelling and joint pain caused by gout, is associated with an unhealthy diet. Mainly affects the big toe of the patient, sensitivity increases so that even putting on socks is becoming difficult.

This condition is more common in older people, but it is terribly painful for all. It is called inflammation of the trigeminal nerve in the face, which causes sharp, stabbing pain between his eye and jaw. The pain and the fact that the treatment is effective only in 80% of cases, as we know, leads to depression. Some patients have even committed suicide to end the suffering. Filling of the root canal

As kidney stones, gall stones form inside the body of bile in the gallbladder. In most cases, these small stones are painless and harmless. But severe cases can be fatal. It is known that the irritation and pain from gallstones cause nausea, vomiting and sharp pain in the back. Usually the treatment is complete removal of the gallbladder.

Burns which do not qualify as “third degree”, can be unimaginably painful. After the pain of the burn disappears, begins the treatment. Burns are treated with dressings that are incredibly irritating, skin changes and skin stretching. If you are scared just from the way it sounds, you’re braver than me.