Yachtsman boasted about murdering british couple in the caribbean in front of his son _ daily mail online

Bryan Logsdon, 50, of Pomona, California, said Silas Duane Boston, 75, described Frampton’s dying screams as ‘funny’ while telling him about the killings during a trip to Mexico in the early 1990s.

Logsdon’s claims form part of the criminal case against Boston, who is set to go on trial for the murders of Peta Frampton and Christopher Farmer in January next year.

Investigators from the FBI also spoke to his sons, Vince, 52, and Russell, 50, whose testimony appears in documents lodged at Sacramento Superior Court last week and seen by

British tourist Christopher Farmer (middle) was allegedly beaten and bound before being thrown overboard by Silas Duane Boston.

Upper chest pain The alleged killer’s two sons, Russell and Vince (pictured), were on board the boat at the time

All three told investigators that they had been too frightened of Boston to come forward before – citing a network of shadowy contacts, who the trio claimed could harm them on his behalf.

Vince and Russell, who were aboard Boston’s boat when the couple, both 25, disappeared, claim their father broke an antique billy club over Farmer’s head and broke a fillet knife while attempting to stab him in the chest – before threatening Frampton with a spear gun.

Vince claims he was then ordered to watch Frampton, who had been imprisoned in the galley of the Justin B, overnight – and both say they saw him throw the tourists overboard the following day.

Frampton, who was half-naked when she was eventually found, was allegedly forced to watch her boyfriend drown and could be heard screaming as she died, according to Logsdon, who met Boston through his son Russell.

‘Boston said the female [Frampton] heard the splash of the male victim [Farmer] entering the water and started calling her boyfriend’s name,’ Logsdon said in his statement.

‘After a couple of minutes, Boston threw the female in the water. Gas pain in chest relief Boston told Logsdon it was funny because when the bag burst over her head, you could hear her screams through the bubbles that came up while she was drowning.’

The criminal complaint prepared by the FBI also includes excerpts from the initial police report filed by authorities in Guatemala – which notes that the couple were found floating in the sea by firefighters approximately 200 yards from the village of Punta de Manibique at 3.30pm on July 8 1978.

Both were badly decomposed, having been in the water for at least a week, and showed signs of torture – with Farmer’s body also bearing a wound to the right leg.

Dr Angel Marie Vasquez Cuellar, who performed the autopsy on the couple in Puerto Barrios on July 10, noted that the corpses were ‘monstrous’ in appearance and covered in fish bites.

The tourists, who were both 25 and from Manchester, had been planning to spend a year traveling – beginning with a visit to Australia, followed by a tour of Central and South America and concluding with a visit to the US.

Having departed for Australia in December 1977, a letter posted by Frampton on May 19 1978 reveals the couple had reached Guadalajara, Mexico, by that Spring and were planning to travel on to Belize.

It was there, in Belize City, that Farmer and Frampton first encountered Boston who offered them passage on his boat, the Justin B – named for his son with his second wife, Katherine Quinn.

In a letter to her family dated June 13, Frampton wrote that ‘an American called Dwayne [sic] who owns a Belizean boat called Justin B offered to take us up to Chetumal [Mexico] by sail so we decided to do that’.

Shortly afterwards, Boston took his sons to get passports and drove them to Belize via Mexico, where he bought a boat and began operating an unlicensed tour business.

‘On one such occasion, Farmer told Boston to leave RB [Russell] alone,’ Vince claimed in his statement. Chest and back pain with cough ‘Boston tried to hit Farmer, missed and fell into the water.

According to both Vince and Russell, the attack that allegedly led to the couple’s deaths began the following night, while the Justin B was anchored in deep water off the coast of Guatemala.

Both brothers claim that their father battered Farmer over the head with a billy club and stabbed him with a fillet knife, before tackling the Briton and tying him up with ropes.

But after they did so, Boston moved Frampton to the rear of the boat and attached machine parts, which he carried for ship’s ballast, to the couple. Neck and shoulder pain on right side Both had plastic bags placed over their heads.

He also steamed open and read Frampton’s final letter, eventually mailing it on July 18 in what Russell claimed was an attempt to throw authorities off the scent.

Boston, who has spent most of the past three decades living between Laguna Beach in southern California, and northern Mexico, is claimed to have boasted of the killings to Logsdon during a year they spent traveling in the early 1990s.